Apps for Amsterdam

best Amsterdam apps

Be sure to download the right apps for Amsterdam to make you stay easier. There are many guides available for your Android or Iphone. But did you know there are also apps to find a public toilet in Amsterdam? To get a cheap taxi? A cheap apartment? A playground that fits your kids needs and […]

Why are Amsterdam houses crooked?

Crooked houses Amsterdam

Everyone who has been to Amsterdam has noticed how crooked Amsterdam houses are. Amsterdam houses are leaning forward, they tilt to one side and some look like they might fall over. So why are Amsterdam houses crooked? Tourist guides and books have all kinds of explanations. Looking more closely into this problem, the answer is not […]

10 tips for travellers to Amsterdam

Dutch train NS

On short city trip to Amsterdam, you don’t want to waste you precious time. You don’t want to stand in line for 3 hours to visit the Van Gogh Museum. You want to see your favoriet artist is playing in Paradiso, even when the tickets were sold out months ago. You need a quick way to […]

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Liberation Festival

Dutch Memorial Day

On 4 and 5 May, the Netherlands commemorates the end of the Second World War. In May 1945 Canadian forces ended a 5 year occupation of the Netherlands by Hitler Germany. The liberation of Holland is celebrated on two occasions. May 4 May 4 is Dutch National Remembrance Day (Nationale Dodenherdenking). On this day, the […]

Amsterdam School architecture

Social housing in Amsterdam School style: P.L. Takstraat, De Pijp-south

The Amsterdam School architecture style might not be as famous as its international sister styles from the same era like Art Nouveau and Jugendstil, its beauty is certainly so. In the last decade this rather outrageous Amsterdam architecture and art style has seen a revival in its appreciation.  In 2016 Amsterdam School celebrates its 100 […]

Outsider Art Museum

Amsterdam Outsider Museum

The Outsider Art Museum is a refreshing new museum located at the Amsterdam Hermitage Museum. The Amsterdam Outsider Museum shows ‘outsider art’: art that’s self-taught and created away from the mainstream art world. The Outsider Art Museum also has an Outsider Art Gallery and the Outsider Art Artotheek, both of which are free to visit. […]

Is Amsterdam safe?

stolen bike Amsterdam

Is Amsterdam safe to travel? Yes, Amsterdam is a safe city to visit. In the Safe City Index 2015 Amsterdam takes the 5th position in the list of safest cities in the world (2015).  Though you can buy marihuana freely in coffee shops, smart drugs in smart shops and prostitution is legal, Amsterdam is not a dangerous […]

Bikes in Amsterdam


There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam, about 880.00. In Holland, traditionally, the bicycle is used as a means of transportation. It’s an easy way to get around as there are no hills or mountains in The Netherlands and the climate is mild, so biking in Amsterdamcan be done in summer and winter.  Many people […]

Day trip Zaanse Schans

Day trip Amsterdam: Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans consists of a row of old but still functioning windmills and green painted houses and barns along a river in the Dutch countryside. The historic village is free to visit and easy to reach. A day trip to Zaanse schans from Amsterdam is only about 40 minutes away by train or bus. A day trip […]

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A week in Amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam on Sunday

A list of things to do in Amsterdam for every day of the week: where to eat, villages to bike to, areas to shop, bars to listen to music to, clubs to dance and places to have dinner, lunch and your favourite Dutch apple pie! […]

East architecture walk


See interesting new and old architecture on this short 45-minute architecture Amsterdam tour from Central Station Amsterdam to Nieuwmarkt.

Top 10 Tourist Traps

Flower Market Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a lovely city to visit. But just like any other famous city, you gotta be wary of those tourist traps: streets you should avoid, museums you shouldn’t visit, places you shouldn’t go. […]

Movies about Amsterdam

Turkish Delight

A good way to prepare yourself for a holiday to Amsterdam, is to see a film. Thanks to internet, you have the chance to watch some Dutch films, films about Amsterdam or movies set in Amsterdam.

Dutch films are famous for exposing a lot of nude. A minimum of explicit sex scenes are a must. […]

Eco-Friendly Amsterdam

Eco-friendly Amsterdam: De Ceuvel

Want to take a trip to eco-friendly Amsterdam? Find an eco-friendly hotel, transport, hangout and biological markets in Amsterdam. […]

Jordaan Quarter

Tuinstraat, Amsterdam Jordaan

The Jordaan Quarter lies just outside the three canal rings of Amsterdam, along the Prinsengracht canal. The Jordaan Quarter is considered a typical Amsterdam neighbourhood. The rich Jordaan history involves immigrants, poverty, social unrest, reflected in the Jordaan folk  music and culture. The Amsterdam Jordaan Quarter is a 17th century neighbourhood that has great restaurants, terraces, lovely […]


Houseboat Amsterdam

Charming as it may be to live on or rent a houseboat in the Amsterdam canal, it is certainly not cheap. In the old days living on a houseboat meant you were poor. Nowadays Amsterdam houseboats are extremely popular and only for the happy few with money. Two kinds of Amsterdam houseboats Houseboats in Amsterdam […]

Vegetarian restaurants

Golden Temple Amsterdam

About 750.000 people in the Netherlands are vegetarian. The amount of Amsterdam vegetarian restaurants and shops is slowly but steadily increasing. The variety also grows from vegetarian restaurants, take away cafés with some tables to American styled deli’s, raw food diners, macrobiotic veggies and organic and biological food lunch rooms, gluten-free terraces and vegan bars […]

10 famous Dutch people

William and Maxima

The Netherlands is a very small country and so there are not many famous Dutch people whose fame has made it across the borders of the little frog country. […]

Vondelpark Festival

Amsterdam Vondelpark Festival

The Amsterdam Vondelpark Festival takes places from June 5 to September 11 in 2016. Every weekend Dutch established and upcoming artists perform on the stage.

Dutch ice cream

Dutc ice cream

Yes. Dutch ice cream exists. Actually, Holland, as a big time producer of dairy products has a long history as an ice cream making country. […]

Live jazz bars

Free stuff to do in Amsterdam: jazz concerts

The first jazz musicians who arrived in Amsterdam were black American soldiers, jammin’ away with this strange music that no-one had ever heard before. […]

Renting a private boat

How to rent a boat in Amsterdam

Cruise the 17th century Amsterdam canal belt in your own rented boat and bring your own food, drinks and friends. […]


Nieuwe Diep Distillery

Enjoy a walk around Flevopark, located on the eastern boundaries of Amsterdam, a green area along a large lake, connected to the IJ. Sit down and relax at the quiet terrace of distillery ‘t Nieuwe Diep, a former pumping station and try one of their self brewed gin (Jenever), liquor or vodka. Construction of Flevopark […]

De Pijp

De Pijp Amsterdam

The neighbourhood De Pijp Amsterdam, centered around the Albert Cuyp daily market, is bustling with people, bikes, terraces, restaurants and bars and has some stunning architecture from The Amsterdam School. […]


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