Red Light District

Live jazz bars

Free stuff to do in Amsterdam: jazz concerts

The first jazz musicians who arrived in Amsterdam were black American soldiers, jammin’ away with this strange music that no-one had ever heard before. Cotton Club at Nieuwmarkt Square and Casablanca at the Zeedijk at the Red Light District were the first bars that hosted live jazz Amsterdam. In 2012 2 new jazz clubs opened […]

6 Myths

Holland is famous all over the world for some of the weirdest facts. Not all of the crazy facts are true however.

Here are some of the myths about Amsterdam that are popular.

Find out if they are true or not in this list of Myths about Holland.

1. Prostitution is legal in Holland

True. […]

Amsterdam Chinatown

Amsterdam Chinatown streetsign

The origins of Chinatown go back to the year 1910, which makes the Amsterdam Chinatown the oldest Chinatown in Europe. The first Chinese arrived in The Netherlands around 1900 on ships of the Dutch VOC. They worked as sailors, stokers in particular, on large steamships. Most of them came from poor areas, such as the […]

Red light district

Prostitution in Amsterdam

Amsterdam and prostitution have been together since the 15th century. In the famous red light district in the old centre, women from all over the world sit behind windows, lit by red lights. The Amsterdam council wants to crack down on illegal prostitution and human trafficking for women working in the red light district and […]

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Tonight at #Volkshotel: BALLADS & B-SIDES Tearjerkers and forgotten music in all genres. #free entry, 11pm…

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