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10 tips for travellers to Amsterdam

Dutch train NS

On short city trip to Amsterdam, you don’t want to waste you precious time. You don’t want to stand in line for 3 hours to visit the Van Gogh Museum. You want to see your favoriet artist is playing in Paradiso, even when the tickets were sold out months ago. You need a quick way to […]

Bikes in Amsterdam


There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam, about 880.00. In Holland, traditionally, the bicycle is used as a means of transportation. It’s an easy way to get around as there are no hills or mountains in The Netherlands and the climate is mild, so biking in Amsterdamcan be done in summer and winter.  Many people […]

Beaches near Amsterdam

Amsterdam beach

Going to a beach when you are visiting Amsterdam, makes for a great day out. Zandvoort beach is a beach resort near Amsterdam that can easily reached by train. One of the best beaches near Amsterdam is Wijk aan Zee, a paradise for surfers and kitesurfers. If you are looking for the best beach party […]

Taxis in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Taxi

Taking a taxi in Amsterdam is expensive and it’s polluting. Take the tram, get on the bike, walk. In Amsterdam, everything is near, so taking a taxi is really not a good idea. Here’s why.   1. Amsterdam taxis are the worst of Europe In a German research comparing the quality of taxi service in […]

New Amsterdam metro

Construction site Central Station

Tourists may find the inner city of Amsterdam in a state of total chaos, due to the massive public works that have been taking place there for some years. All the work is necessary however to complete one huge project: the construction of a new metro line (underground, subway): the Noord Zuid Lijn. Tunnelling underneath […]

Public transport in Amsterdam

Amsterdam tram network

For tourists, only the Amsterdam tram network is important to understand. After all, Amsterdam is a small city and all main tourists attractions are reachable by foot or by bike. The subway and public buses are only useful if you want to go outside of the city centre. Trains are the best public transport to […]

Car parking in Amsterdam

Parkingsign in Amsterdam

The safest way to park your car on a visit to Amsterdam, is to park at an Amsterdam Park and Ride. There are 7 P&R Amsterdam. The P&R are all located on the outskirts of the city. Amsterdam park and ride costs €8 for the first 24 hours and €1 for every added 24 hours. […]

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