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Amsterdam night life in 2013 looks promising.

Old clubs get a make-over to make them look ehm…old. New Amsterdam clubs are on its way. And the mayor of Amsterdam has licensed 3 Amsterdam clubs to party day and night.

24-hour party-ing in Amsterdam

Club Trouw, Tolhuistuin and Twenty4Amsterdam are the proud owners of the new 24-hour licenses given out by the mayor of Amsterdam. The permit allows the club to stay open much longer than the normal closing times for Amsterdam clubs: after 5 am in the weekend and after 3 am on weekdays.

Mayor of Amsterdam behind the decks
To celebrate the new 24-hour permit, Club Trouw asked Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan to put on the first record. When exactly Trouw will really be open 24-hours long, is yet unknown. The club said for now it will remain open as long as there are still people dancing…


New Amsterdam club: ‘Twenty4Amsterdam’

Toren Overhoeks, in 2015 location of Twenty4Amsterdam.

Former ‘Shell tower’ Overhoeks across the IJ waters has unfolded ambitious plans to develop some serious Amsterdam clubbing on the premises.

In 2015 the tower by the new name of Twenty4Amsterdam, will open with no less than two new dance clubs, one panorama bar with dancefloor, a 70-meter high skybar, sound studios and a brand new hotel. Behind Twenty4Amsterdam are the well known party planners of ID&T and Club Air.

Neighbour Tolhuistuin is in the middle of a renovation, but will reopen in spring 2013, hopefully to take advantage of their new flexible opening hours.

For compensation, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein have been given 12 ’24-hour permits’, meaning there’s one club a month at one of the square where you can party until dawn.


‘Club Home’ is now ‘Barkode’

Club Home has closed. The inside has been completely stripped of its fancy glamorous interior, to make room for a new image. The new club, named Barkode, will be ‘industrial and raw’.

According to the new owners, Club Home had been programming a bit too eclectic; the R&B nights were scaring off the techno-fans.

The dj’s of Barkode will be programmed by Click. The focus will be purely on techno. Thursdays will be for the students. Fridays young organisations get a chance to show off new talent. On Saturdays, bigger names will be behind the decks of this Amsterdam club.

Club Barkode is located near Rembrandplein at Wagenstraat 3.


Erick Morillo kicks off new ‘Club Amsterdam’

In March 2013 mega dance club ‘Club Amsterdam’ opens. The new Amsterdam club is located on the 4th floor of the AJAX football stadium Amsterdam Arena. That floor has room for 1500 visitors.

To make the opening of Club Amsterdam a spectacle that fits its size, Erick Morillo will spin some records at the opening night on Saturday 2 March.

Ticket sale of this happening has started already. Check organiser Luxury Events.


Amsterdam club ‘Hotel Arena’ now ‘Kerk’

Club ‘Hotel Arena’ in Amsterdam East has undergone some changes. Now named ‘Kerk’, the club is turning its focus on techno and tech-house on Friday and tech-house on Saturday.

Club ‘Hotel Arena’ is housed in an old church (Kerk means ‘church’ in Dutch). Hotel Arena has had multiple extensive renovations in the past and matching image make-overs, but none of them ever really got the place packing like it used to.

This time improvements impact programming and acoustics.

Amsterdam club Hotel Arena is located in an old church.

Chicago-house in Amsterdam Club Arena
On Fridays, organiser Lazy Sundays will entertain the crowd in a ‘raw, industrial’ décor, obviously a trend in Amsterdam night life.

Saturday night, party organisers Lupe and Non Records host house music like Chicago-house and deep-house. Booked names include Aeroplane, Cinnaman and William Kouam Djoko.

Microclubbing in Amsterdam
In line with a new fashion in the international clubscene, Kerk/Arena organises microclubbing evenings on Fridays. In microclubbing, the party starts and ends early.

The new phenomenon apparently blew over from across the North Sea, where the pubs close early and people head for the clubs long before midnight.

Nice add of course is the fact that, with the ridiculous Amsterdam closing time for the clubs an early start gives you a longer party and hangovers are easier to avoid. At least that’s the idea. At ‘De Avondclub’, doors open at 6 pm. Check agenda for dates.

Club Arena


Bare foot dancing @ ‘Club Lite’

The English who came up with the ‘new’ idea of early clubbing, have probably never set foot in Club Lite. This spiritual minded Amsterdam night club started off with evening clubbing way back in 2002. 

Twice a month, a happy crowd joins in for a friendly night of dancing on an eclectic mix of music on bare feet.

Yes, that’s right. The shoes go off at Nataraj. The 25+ crowd comes in from around 20.00 to dance to music varying from groovy world music to techno and everything in between.

More Amsterdam clubbing with a twist? How about a chocolate party, where chocolate replaces drugs.

Club Lite

Pand 14, club in Amsterdam

Amsterdam club Pand 14, former Chinese restaurant. Photo taken from Skount.

Pand 14, squat

Going deeper underground Amsterdam, we find Pand 14 in Amsterdam Southeast.

Once a squatted Chinese restaurant along Ring road A9 (neighbouring MacDonalds Drive-in and Ikea…), Pand 14 is now an exciting underground club.

There is a small stage and a kitchen for the unavoidable squatter’s biobite on the ground floor but the real treat is upstairs, as the upper floor actually revolves around its axis. While you sit, the world turns around you in a panorama.

Pand 14 holds max 400 people. Programming includes club nights, concerts and exhibitions.

The club is allowed to stay open until March 2014. Then the revolving Chinese palace must make way for an extension of the A9 road.

Pand 14



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  1. Andy C January 29, 2013 at 23:27

    Sounds like some exciting new Clubbing for Amsterdam in 2013, If the Warehouse Project (Manchester) is an example of UK Micro-clubbing, wtf is Macro-Clubbing?!? Only joking, see if I can get over in the Summer, Peace!

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