Dutch food

It’s all about saté, kroketten and stamppot, Dutch food.

10 Facts about Dutch beer

Beer kettle

Beer from Amsterdam has a long history. Here are 10 facts about Dutch beer from Amsterdam.

1. In Amsterdam people drank beer like water […]

10 Hidden gems to have a drink

Hollandsche Manege

Top 10 inexpensive, special cafés in the centre of Amsterdam. […]

10 Facts about Dutch gin

Dutch gin

Jenever is Holland’s national spirit since the 17th century. It is said Dutch people have the same amount of words for jenever, as the Eskimos have for snow. English speakers however will know the lovely spirit by the name of Dutch gin.

Want to know more? Here are 10 facts about Dutch jenever […]

Fast Food Febo

FEBO Amsterdam

Dutch fast food chain Febo sells fast food in a unique way: it keeps its products warm in small compartments of a vending machine. All you do is put coins into the automat and open the door to your tasty snack. No waiting in line, no waiting until your order is ready, Febo is the […]

Amsterdam in winter

Prinsengracht Amsterdam

On a holiday to Amsterdam in winter, it’s important to find activities in Amsterdam that can warm you.

Here are some ideas what to do in Amsterdam in winter: [..]

Raw herring

How to eat raw herring

In Amsterdam, fish stands sell raw herring (‘haring’), a soused raw fish with a strong taste. Dutch raw herring is hugely popular in Amsterdam. In Holland, people have been eating raw herring for over 600 years. For foreigners it might be a bit strange to eat a raw fish that has nothing to do with […]

Dutch ice cream

Ice cream in Amsterdam

On hot days it’s best to cool off with a real Dutch ice cream. Several Amsterdam ice cream shops have started making delicious ice creams. As a big producer of dairy products, it’s not strange that the Dutch make interesting ice creams. Most Amsterdam ice cream shops are only open during the summer months.    […]

Dutch treats


9 Traditional Dutch Cookies     1. Bokkepootjes Traditional Amsterdam cookies with biscuit, almonds and cream filling.  Buy this Dutch treat in the supermarket.   2. Kletskoppen Very thin biscuits, Kletskoppen are the Dutch version of brandy snaps and a traditional Dutch cookie.   3. Stroopwaffels Syrup filled waffels. Stroopwafels are best bought when recently […]

Gouda cheese

Gouda cheese

Gouda cheese from Holland is probably the most famous Dutch cheese. The name refers to a round (wheel like) orange/yellowish cheese. However, gouda cheese doesn’t  necessarily have to be a Dutch cheese, made of milk from Dutch cows. In fact, most Gouda cheese in your local supermarket was not made in Holland. Anyone can make […]

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