Top 10 Tourist Traps


Amsterdam is a lovely city to visit. But just like any other famous city, you gotta be wary of those tourist traps: streets you should avoid, museums you shouldn’t visit, places you shouldn’t go.

Here is a Top 10 list of Amsterdam Tourist Traps:

Summertime hangouts

Pllek at NDSM

When summer arrives in Amsterdam and you’re tired of wandering along the canals and strolling in and around Amsterdam museums, it’s best to find a nice terrace to hangout for a couple of hours, to spend the afternoon on a terrace in the sunshine, chilling, drinking. A friendly and sunny place, just enjoy summertime in […]

Camping sites

Amsterdam camping site Zeeburg

There are 5 camping sites in Amsterdam.

Prices of these Amsterdam camping sites are around €17 for tent + 2 people and €30 for a family with caravan or camper in high season.

The camping sites in Amsterdam are clean, welcoming and they all come with wifi. Most are only open from April 1 till October. Here is a list of campings in Amsterdam. […]

Cocktail bars

Cocktail bar Lime

Cocktails is not a Dutch Thing. You can get a good cocktail in Amsterdam, but you have to know where to go. Here are 10 decent cocktail bars in Amsterdam (in random order) from cheap to very expensive.   1. Café Vesper Café Vesper, located at Haarlemmerstraat, within 20 minutes walk from Central Station is […]

Finding a flat in Amsterdam

Finding a flat in Amsterdam is not the easiest thing. Most houses in Amsterdam (some 50%, 200.000 Amsterdam apartments) are social rentals. As a newly arrived foreigner it’s difficult, if not impossible to make your way into this social system. Here is a list of 6 different ways to finding a flat in Amsterdam. We […]

How to do Amsterdam cheap

Chicken Sateh

Amsterdam on a budget? Is it possible? In summer, it is easy. You stay at a cheap camping where you can take the ingredients that you bought in the supermarket and get a pick-nick or even barbecue started in Vondelpark. Print out the list of free things to do in Amsterdam, that you so easily […]

Taxis in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Taxi

Taking a taxi in Amsterdam is expensive and it’s polluting. Take the tram, get on the bike, walk. In Amsterdam, everything is near, so taking a taxi is really not a good idea. Here’s why.   1. Amsterdam taxis are the worst of Europe In a German research comparing the quality of taxi service in […]

Car parking in Amsterdam

Parkingsign in Amsterdam

The safest way to park your car on a visit to Amsterdam, is to park at an Amsterdam Park and Ride. There are 7 P&R Amsterdam. The P&R are all located on the outskirts of the city. Amsterdam park and ride costs €8 per 24 hours. You park there for a maximum of 96 hours. […]

Prices in Amsterdam

Lunchmenu 2013

What’s up with the prices in Amsterdam? A beer on a nice terrace will cost no more than €3, but the price of a glass of wine is at least €5. And having dinner with a bottle of wine in that same place will set you back some €40 per person. Here’s a list of […]

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