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Here is a list of original things to do in Amsterdam.

You might also want to visit museums, markets, go shopping or clubbing.

1. Create your own liqueur

An original activity in Amsterdam to do is paying a visit to the alcohol experts of Wynand Focking. Every second Sunday of every month at 14.00 Wynand Fockink organises a workshop ‘liquor making’.

Wynand Fockink has been making its own spirits and liquors since 1679, so you’ll learn from the best. The most famous liquor from Holland is Jenever, also known as Dutch gin and it is is juniper-flavored and quite strong.

You can take your alcoholic creation home afterwards in a bottle.


2. Climb a wall

With a serious lack of mountains in Holland, to go up, you need to go indoors. Just east of central station climbers have a beautiful Climbing hall.

Climb a wall, just East of Central Station


3. Houseboat for cats

Cat lovers, pay attention. The famous Amsterdam ‘cat lady’ has created her own refuge for abandoned and stray cats sanctuary on board of a canal house boat. Those looking for a cat should definitely visit.

De poezenboot (cat boat) is open for visitors from 13.00 to 15.00 every day, except Wednesdays and Sundays.


4. Art Deco Sauna

A remarkable place to enjoy a relaxing sauna is Sauna Deco. Once just an office building from Dutch architect Berlage, the owners of the sauna rushed to Paris to buy the interior of the Parisian department store Au Bon Marche, which was about to be thrown in the garbage. The result is a sauna and spa that has a luxurious Paris 1930s feeling.

Warning: Dutch saunas generally have a no-clothes policy (nude!) and are mixed.


5. Fun for kids: marionette theatre

What to do in Amsterdam Netherlands with kids? The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre brings classical marionette theatre. Think wooden puppets dressed up in silk and velvet costumes acting in classical operas and music theatre.

Language is no problem; the program is available in English.


6. Tour the 1928 Olympic Stadium

In 1928 the Olympic Games were held in Amsterdam. For the occasion a new Olympic Stadium was built. Also, at these games the Olympic Flame was lit for the first time ever! The Dutch came up with that idea. Now the old stadium is used for events and celebrations.

You can visit the Olympic Stadium independently or take a guided tour. It’s open Tuesdays to Sundays.

Restaurant VAKZUID looks out on the inner ring of the stadium. Not cheap. You can see if it’s busy by the amount of Porches and Benzes that line up there to park.


7. Football, soccer, Ajax

What to do when you’re a football fan? Visit one of the largest stadiums in Europe:  Amsterdam Arena stadium, home of Ajax.

The Arena Stadium Tour gives you a look inside the amazing Amsterdam ArenA. Tours departure daily every 20 min.


How to get to Ajax Arena
Take metro 54 from Central Station and exit at Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena/Strandvliet. World of Ajax Tours depart from main Entrance E.


8. Artis Zoo

The Artis Amsterdam Zoo is said to be the oldest zoo in Europe. Artis was founded in 1838 to promote the knowledge of natural history. The zoo is located in the eastern part of the centre. Neighbours can actually hear the lions roar. There are over 700 species of animals and the park is an oasis of peace and quiet.

9. Beer bike Amsterdam

Cycle through Amsterdam while enjoying a beer! The Beer bike has been around for ever it seems and it’s still popular. It’s fun to peddle around with your friends, see the sights while you enjoy a beer. A sober driver makes sure you don’t have any accidents.

The Beer bike takes a maximum of 18 people and costs €475.

10. Have your picture taken of you in a Dutch costume

All Dutch families have it hanging on their walls: a picture of the family dressed up in a traditional Dutch costume. Get yours too!




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