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by Tanja
Hostelle Amsterdam

Looking for a cool hotel in Amsterdam? Cool can come cheap in Amsterdam. Hip and happening hotels that cater to the young and fashionable on a budget are on the rise. There are hotels for fashion lovers, history lovers, art lovers and environmental friendly travellers. In Amsterdam there’s even a hostel for smokers. It’s recommended to book a hotel in advance because hotel rooms in Amsterdam tend to be fully booked in high season. Also, the prices of Amsterdam hotel rooms will rise spectacularly when you wait to long.

Here’s a list of 10 cool hotels in Amsterdam.

1. Cool Hotel Winston

cool hotel Amsterdam

Cool hotel rooms at Winston

Hotel Winston or is a real gem for people looking for a cool and quirky hotel close to Amsterdam’s bustling Red Light District. The hotel is located in Warmoesstraat, one of the oldest (if not the oldest) streets of Amsterdam.

In the  1800s the Warmoesstraat was known for it upmarket coffee and trade. In the 1980s the Warmoesstraat was known for its rough image, practically a no go zone. And though it’s much safer now, there are still a number of seedy sex shops, English pubs with loud sports on large screens, corny coffee shops and the occasional hard core gay discotheque.

The hotel itself (named officially St Christopher’s at the Winston) is cool because all of the 67 rooms hotels have been painted and decorated by contemporary artists. Room 403 is even a permanent art gallery. Party people will find this hotel a wonderful choice, with Amsterdam night life starting in Winston’s nightclub just next door (regular dubstep nights), a smoking room and a beer garden. Single travellers on a budget can choose a bed in the dormitories.

St. Christopher’s at The Winston

2. The fashion of the Exchange

The Exchange hotel is located on Damrak, the street between Central Station and Dam Square lined with some of Amsterdam’s favourite tourist traps. But at least it’s central. Inside the hotel, the raunchiness from the streets fades out quickly. The hotel was set up in 2011.  The owners asked students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute to decorate the rooms as if they were fashion models. The result is very 61 cool hotel rooms, each with its own unique style and theme.

Hotel The Echange in Amsterdam

Fashion hotel rooms at cool hotel the Echange

The Marie-Antoinette Room
For example the Eighties room is fitted with a patterned sweater.  The Marie-Antoinette Room is dressed in 18th century costume drama style, while the Rembrandt room is inspired by the fashion item of The Dutch master painter at the time: – the millstone collar. You really have to see it to get the idea.

1-star room and 4-star rooms
The Amsterdam Echange Hotel has room in all price ranges. The 1-star rooms in this cheap and cool Amsterdam hotel combine the whimsical with the practical and include luxuries like a flat screen tv, a safe, and a private bathroom.

Who said there were no options for a cool ánd cheap hotel in Amsterdam?

Exchange Hotel

3. The fascinating history of the Lloyd Hotel

The Lloyd hotel is located in the Eastern Docklands area. The grand building is part of series of buildings all built in the 1920’s for a Dutch shipping company KHL.

Thousands of emigrants, mainly Jews from Eastern Europe escaping the attacks on their community, arrived in Amsterdam to wait for a ship to take them to South America (mainly Argentina) to start a new life. E

very 3 weeks a KHL ship would make the transit across the ocean. Arriving in Amsterdam, the emigrants would first taken to the decontamination building next door to be washed and disinfected. At the Lloyd hotel the passenger would await the ship to come in and take them across the ocean.

Former prison turned back into a hotel

From 1936, the hotel was a shelter for German Jews fleeing Nazi-Germany. During the war, the Nazis used the building as a prison. This function was kept after the ware until 1989, when if was sort of abandoned and artists moved in. In 2001 the Amsterdam council decide it was time the Lloyd Hotel was restored to its original function. The hotel was opened in 2004. All of the buildings built for the shipping company, including the grand hotel have been declared monuments.

The interior design of the Lloyd Hotel is very cool. Sustainable and natural products have been used as much as possible and artists and designers have helped to create some very special features.

Connecting past to present
The small unpainted wooden construction in the entrance to the restaurant for example is a work of a Japanese artist. The film and slide show show images of the Uruguayan island ‘Isla de Flores’. This was the point of entrance for the emigrants who tried to find a new life in South America, thereby connecting the past to the present.

Lloyd hotels also feature cool exhibitions, performances, collections, textiles, jewelry and yes, bonsai. There is a wonderful terrace on the south side of the building. Central Station is 5 minutes away by tram. From Lloyd’s it’s a 15-20 minute walk to the centre of the city.

Lloyd Hote

5. Hotel on a boat

hotel boat amsterdam

Sleeping on a ship in Amsterdam

For people who are just dying to sleep for once in their life on a real boat, the passenger ship Maria Alberta is a good option. The small ship has its home base in Amsterdam, so when it’s not somewhere in Holland’s canals and rivers, it’s moored at the Oosterdok area. The Oosterdok water is located between Central Station at the Nemo Science Museum. Check out the article on East Architecture Walk for more information about this wonderfully central area. You’ll be at the old historic centre within 10 minutes.

There are more Amsterdam hotel boats moored at Oosterdok. The Maria Alberta offers 10 rooms, each with its shower, toilet and wash bin, so now sharing.  The atmosphere on board the ship is quiet homely, with all guests attending one large breakfast table. The Maria Alberta also people to come along on a sailing trip. Individual travellers can book a one week boat trip starting in Amsterdam for the price of €595,-. The price includes breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

Passenger Ship Maria Alberta
Amsterdam Hotel Boat The Friendship
Hotelboot Angeline

6. Cool, chic and basic hotel

The hotel Chic&Basic in the Jordaan Quarter comes from Spain, where the Barcelona version is a big hit. Though proudly located in an old canal house with a 300 year old façade, this cool Amsterdam hotel has managed to do away with all things of the past and instead give the guest modern and clean rooms with some quirky details here and there. Most remarkable is the lounge area, called the be_ yourself area which invites you ‘to relax, have a coffee, surf in the internet and “be yourself“.

Chic&Basic, Amsterdam

7. Girls only hotel Amsterdam

Hostelle Amsterdam

Girls only at Hostelle Hostel Amsterdam

Girlish? Maybe, but also pretty cool hotel in Amsterdam is Hostelle. At hostel Hostelle, only females guests are allowed to stay. The whole hotel is covered with quirky painted walls with bright colours, arty decorations and vintage furniture. There is also a garden and a library. The only real downside to this cheap and cool hostel is that it’s located in Amsterdam South-East. You might be safe from hostile males inside the hostel, to get there you will have take the metro. It takes you at least 20 minutes to get to the centre of town and the area is not considered the safest of Amsterdam.

It seems like a very cool place to stay, but for girls travelling alone it’s best not to roam to far on the streets of this part of Amsterdam after dark. If you are in Amsterdam to visit the Amsterdam Arena football stadium, the Pathé cinema, concert halls Heineken Hall, Ziggodome or shopping area and you’re a girl, this the best hostel to be.

Hostelle, check prices and book

8. Go organic at Conscious Hotel

Please book very early at the Conscious Hotel because this is one of the most popular and cool hotel in Amsterdam to stay at. The Conscious Hotel has two locations. One is at the Museum Square which is perfect is you want to tour the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum of modern art.

100% sustainable hotel
The other is actually even better located: at the Vondelpark. Both hotels are renowned for the youth friendly atmosphere and claim to be 100% sustainable. What that means? Well, apparently the desks in the room are made out of recycled yoghurt pots, refrigerators and coffee cup holders and the cleaning products are ‘green’ and the breakfast is organic and fair trade.

Conscious Hotel Museum Square
Conscious Hotel Vondelpark
StayOkay Amsterdam Vondelpark

9. The Philosophy Hotel

Cool hotel Amsterdam De Filosoof

A hotel with a Filosophy

Looking for an intellectually stimulating hotel room? Try the Sandton Hotel De Filosoof. At De Filosoof the decoration of the rooms are inspired by one specific philosophical and cultural theme. Platonic love, inspired by the tears of Eros, a book by the French philosopher Georges Bataille is the theme of the red and golden Passion Room. Socrates and Aristophanes and surrealist painter Magritte have a presence in the Clouds Room, with the use of different shades of blue. Even Wittgenstein has its own room. The colours orange, grey and black refer to this philosophy of The Ladder of Understanding. Whatever your philosophy in life, this hotel is pleasantly warm and cosy and has the perfect location: in a beautiful 19th century building right by the Vondelpark.

Sandton Hotel De Filosoof

10. Smokers welcome at Cribs

Simple, but very effective is Cribs, a place where smokers unite and find pleasure in well…smoking. All of rooms are named after strains of weed, bongs are happily supplied for by the reception and there are about 5 coffee shops within a 2 minutes walking distance.  And of course, smoking is allowed in all the rooms. Cribs is located in the middle of the red light district. Really, if you don’t get stoned at the Cribs, you should reconsider your holiday destination (maybe Jamaica?).

Amsterdam Cribs Hostel, prices, photos and bookings


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