How to get from the airport to Amsterdam?

by Tanja
how to get from airport to amsterdam

How to get from Amsterdam airport to Amsterdam city center? Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is only 22 kilometers from Amsterdam. A taxi from Amsterdam airport to Amsterdam city center should take only 25 minutes and costs about 45 euros. To avoid being scammed at the airport, arrange a transfer from Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam online.

WARNING: do NOT accept any offers from drivers inside the airport building. These drivers have no license. Stories about unlicensed taxis charging hundreds of euros (not kidding) find its way in the newspapers regularly.

Best way to get from Amsterdam airport to Amsterdam

1. By airport taxi transfer

The best, safest and easiest way to get from Amsterdam airport to Amsterdam and back, is by booking a taxi online. Different cars and fare prices are available. The driver will pick you up directly outside the airport terminals arrivals area once your flight arrives.

There is also an official taxi stand outside the airport. Follow the yellow signs to find it. Expect to stand in line to get a taxi. Do NOT accept a taxi from a driver inside the building. This is illegal and you will be at risk of being scammed.

This is the official taxi stand at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

2. Use Uber to get to Amsterdam City Centre

If you have the Uber app on your phone, you can use this service also to get from Amsterdam airport to Amsterdam. There are three services available.

UberX offers the cheapest ride to Amsterdam (€19-26). You find your UberX driver at the departure section of the airport. UberBlack costs between €35 and 45 + €2 euros. UberVAN holds 6 passengers, check the price via the app. Both UberBlack and UberVan have their own fixed taxi stand at the arrivals section of the airport.

3. From Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam Central Station by Train

If your hotel is close to Amsterdam Central Station, another train station or metro station, it’s cheapest to take the train from the airport. From the airport to Central Station, it takes about 15 minutes.

Online train ticket to Amsterdam

You can buy a train ticket at the yellow vending machines. You can also buy train tickets from the airport to Amsterdam online so that when you arrive, you can jump right in the train. There are one way and two tickets available. More about public transport in Amsterdam.

The trains leave from the platforms downstairs. There are many trains that stop at Amsterdam Central Station. In summer there are special tourist helpers at work at the airport Schiphol train station to help you find the right train.

By train to Amsterdam.
People in line for train tickets at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

4. By bus

Or take the bus (thank you Carmen for your comment!). The Amsterdam Schiphol Bus goes to the city center every 7.5 minutes. It’s bus 397, departing from bus stops B15 -19 at Schiphol. At night, you may take Niteliner N97.

The buses don’t go to Central Station but stop at the Rijksmuseum. Last stop is bus station Elandsgracht. The ticket costs € 6,50 and can be bought at the bus stop at Schiphol. The Amsterdam Travel Ticket (€ 17, free transport all day) is valid also on this bus.

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Carmen September 28, 2019 - 14:26

Don’t forget the bus! There is a special airport express that runs every 7,5 minutes and brings you straight into the city. It stops at Museumplein, Rijksmuseum and Leidseplein. It costs only €6,50.

Tanja September 28, 2019 - 14:28

Thank you Carmen!

Cheryl Garcia June 28, 2019 - 20:12

Thank you very much for this great website, it is quite useful! We will be there in 70 days and now will have great info to help us with our stay – you are a gem!

Tanja June 29, 2019 - 10:20

Thank you! Enjoy the preparations and your visit!