Amsterdam City Passes

Amsterdam City Passes for discounted museums & attractions

Amsterdam city passes can save money and time waiting in line. But Amsterdam city passes are also expensive and to get your money worth, you need to visit a lot of museums within a short amount of time.  It helps if you plan your holiday trip to Amsterdam carefully when you want to use a discount card.


There are 4 discount Amsterdam city passes to choose from: the IAmsterdam City Card, the Amsterdam Holland Pass, the Amsterdam City Pass and the Museum Card.


The I Amsterdam City Card is the most famous discount card for Amsterdam. It is also the most unpractical card. You will have to visit all of the museums in a short period of time. That can make a relaxing holiday feel hurried and stressful.  The Amsterdam Holland Pass gives you more time to see museums, but again, planning is essential.

I Amsterdam City Card

Iamsterdam City Card

The I Amsterdam Card gives unlimited access to 44 museums and attractions in Amsterdam and free use of buses, trams and metro for as long as 1, 2, 3 or 4 days.  It also gives a canal cruise for free. The I Amsterdam City Card comes with a city map and a very nice magazine with all events in the city.


Price I Amsterdam Card 2017

The I Amsterdam Card is not cheap. A 1-day card (24h City Card) is € 55, a 2-day card (48h) is € 65, a 3-day pass is €75,  5-day card (96h) is €85.


How to use I Amsterdam City Card

The best way to use this Amsterdam pass is to do a lot of planning. When you buy the I Amsterdam Card, you get 2 separate passes: the transportation pass for Amsterdam and the free entrance and discount pass. Both Amsterdam passes start counting down the amount of hours the moment you first use them. So can use one card to visit museums and attractions all day long.


Use your 24 hours wisely!

It’s smart to start the first museum after 10 am. That way, you still go to a museum the next morning as the card is valid for 24 hours. Also, check the opening times of museums so you do the ones they stay open late in the evening.


Canal Cruise

A cruise down the Amsterdam canals is included. Use it in the evening, when other museums are closed.

Free public transport

Both discount passes can be used separately. Start using the free public transport when you want to visit an area, museum or attraction, outside of the city centre. For ideas, check this website, for example spending A week in Amsterdam.


What’s good?

It’s pretty good that this Amsterdam pass gives free admission to 44 museums and attractions in Amsterdam. If you plan it right, you see a lot of museums in one day. Also, a canal cruise and free public transport ticket are both included. With the Holland pass, you have to choose between those.

Maritime Museum Amsterdam

What’s bad?

You need to run to see at least 3 museums in one day to get your money’s worth. You only get 25% discount at Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam’s most popular attractions like Heineken Experience, Madame Tussauds, the Cat Cabinet and the Amsterdam Dungeon. Anne Frank House is not included.

Amsterdam Holland Pass

Amsterdam city pass

The Skip-the-Line Holland Pass: Amsterdam & Holland is pretty interesting as it offers 2 to 6  free entrances to Holland’s most interesting museums and attractions. The Holland Pass is valid for 1 month. Also included is the Transport Ticket, which can be exchanged for a 24h public transport card or a 1-hour canal cruise in the city of your choice.


Price Skip the Line Holland Pass 2017

The Holland Pass  is available in 4 ‘sizes’ : the Small pass, €40, buys you 2 free entrances; Medium: €65, 4 free entrances, Large: €85, 6 free entrances. The admissions are divided into categories: the gold and silver category. The categories have to do with the entrance prices, but in both categories there are very good museums. Still, it is advised to study this in advance.


Transport Ticket

ll sizes come with a Transport Ticket. This can be used for 24h free public transport in Amsterdam or a 1 hour free canal cruise. Also, there is a guide book.

Amsterdam City Pass: Rijksmuseum
RIjksmuseum is for free with the Amstedam City Pass and only discounted with the I Amsterdam Card.

How to use the Holland Pass

The Holland Pass is mostly interesting when you plan to visit not just Amsterdam and you have more time than just a couple of days.



What’s good?

It’s pretty good if you want to visit to Keukenhof in the springtime (free transport +entrance, value is €49 ). You can take the 1-hour canal cruise in either Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht or even Giethoorn.


Visit a museum outside Amsterdam

There are many great museums outside Amsterdam included: Kröller Möller, Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam and many more.


Extra discount

When you have used all your free entrances, you still get discount for all other museums and attractions in Amsterdam for a month!


What’s bad?

If you are only 2 or 3 days in Amsterdam and you are not planning to see other sights in Holland, this card is a little expensive. You have to choose between a canal cruise and one day free public transport.

Amsterdam City Pass

Amsterdam City Pass

The Amsterdam City Pass gives access to Van Gogh Museum OR Rijksmuseum (normal price € 17,50), airport transfer by train (normal price is 2x single ticket of € 5,20 = €11,40), a canal cruise (normal price €16) and 20% discount on many other attractions and museums in Amsterdam.


What’s good?

There is no date or time limit.


What’s bad?

Discounted tickets are only available via Ticketbar.

Museum Card (for tourists)

The Museum Card for Tourists gives skip-the-line entrance to the Van Gogh Museum AND the Rijksmuseum, airport transfer by train, a Canal Cruise and 20% discount on tickets to many other museums and attractions.


What’s good?

No date and time limit.


What’s bad?

You have to plan your visit to the Van Gogh Museum on forehand.
The 20% discount is only available for bookings with Ticketbar. All tickets must be bought online and will be sent by email.

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Average price of public transport

Buses, trams, metro and train all use the same chip card system. The ‘OV chip-card’ costs €7,50. You need to load money on the card to travel. Single (one-hour) tickets can also be bought in the tram, bus and machines at the metro stations and cost €2,90.


24h Transport Pass

For  €7,50 you can buy a 24-hour pass and use trams, buses and metro for free. (Children 2,50). 2 days is €12,50, 3 days is €17,50. All cards and passes can be bought at stations, supermarkets and newsagents.

Read more about public transport in Amsterdam

Combination Deals

Combination deals are a good choice when you want to visit only a small number of museums. You can skip the line and get an interesting discount at the same time. They are also a lot easier to understand than the Amsterdam City Passes! Below you find special offers for popular combination deals.

Rijksmuseum & Canal Cruise

Combine an hour-long cruise with a visit to the Rijksmuseum.

SPECIAL OFFER: From €38,50 Now €28,50

Van Gogh Museum & Canal Cruise

Combine a visit to the Van Gogh Museum with a Canal Cruise. For the Van Gogh Museum you need to select the date and time you want to visit.

Heineken Experience & Canal Cruise

Combine an hour-long cruise with a visit to the former Heineken beer brewery and learn everything about beer. You need to select the date and the time you want to visit the museum.

Stedelijk Museum & Canal Cruise

Combine a visit to the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam Modern Art Museum) with a canal cruise. Tickets are valid for one year, you can choose when and what time to go (cruise leaves every 30 minutes).

Keukenhof & Canal Cruise

Combine a visit to the spring garden Keukenhof with a canal cruise. Keukenhof is open from 22 March to 13 May in 2018. You need to select the date that you want to visit Keukenhof, but you can take the canal cruise when you like.

Van Gogh Museum & Rijksmuseum & Canal Cruise

Combine a visit to the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and a canal cruise and  save some money. For the Van Gogh Museum you need to select a date and a timeslot for entrance.



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