Amsterdam Events April 2022

by Tanja
Tulips in bloom in Vondelpark

Want to know what’s on in Amsterdam in April? Here is the list of things to do in April in Amsterdam 2022. Check the links for details of the events. Events will be added to the Amsterdam events calendar when a specific date has been set.

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Find dance festivals in and around Amsterdam and The Netherlands on: Amsterdam Music Festivals 2022. For an overview of temporary art exhibitions in Amsterdam’s museums, please check the Amsterdam Art Exhibitions Calendar.

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Amsterdam in April 2022

Tulip gardens in bloom

Ware Noorden Lichtroute @ De Ceuvel (Amsterdam Noord)
Art installations, walks, workshops

21 March – 9 April 2022
Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival @ Various locations in Amsterdam
Dutch theatre festival

30 maart – 3 april 2022
Kabboom Animation Festival @ Westergas
International animation festival

2 – 3 April 2022
Ruigoord, Groen Oord@ Ruigoord (FREE)
Seeds exchange, festivities 

2 – 3 April 2022
IJ-Hallen Flea market @ NDSM (FREE)

3 April 2022
Sunday Market @ Westergas (FREE)
Shopping for fashion, design, art 

13 April – 18 April 2022
KunstRAI Art Amsterdam @ RAI Congress Center
Art Fair

15 April 2022
Good Friday (Official holiday)

17 – 18 April 2022
Easter (official holiday/ bank holiday Netherlands)

21 April – 24 April 2022
Amsterdam Wine Festival @ Westergas

21 – 27 April 2022
Aprilfeesten @ Nieuwmarkt (FREE)
Live music, drinks, festivities

23 April 2022
Bloemencorso Bollenstreek @ Noordwijk (FREE)
Spring flower festival with a parade of decorated floats

27 April 2022
King’s Day in Amsterdam 2022 (Koningsdag) @ All over the Netherlands (FREE)
National holiday, celebrating Dutch monarch

30  April – 1 May 2022
IJ-Hallen Flea Market @ NDSM

tulips blooming amsterdam
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