Amsterdam Exhibitions Calendar 2023


Vermeer | from 10 February - 4 June 2023

The girl with the pearl earring and The Milkmaid are world famous paintings of the dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. In 2023, the Rijksmuseum brings many of the works of Vermeer to Amsterdam. Johannes Vermeer (1632-1672) lived and worked in Delft.

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Stedelijk Museum

When things are beings | until 10 April 2023

Modern art exhibition about the inner power of objects and sculptures. The 24 selected projects invite feelings of attraction, confusion, and curiosity. The works range from installations to photography and print, jewellery, object design, video, film, soundscape and performance.

Yto Barrada Bad Color Combos | until 5 March 2023

In Bad Color Combos Yto Barrada continues to explore cultural phenomena, personal histories and natural processes. In recent years, Yto Barrada has developed new series of works around themes such as the acceleration and deceleration of time; motherhood; the history of education; play; the artisanry of natural dyes and color as material; traditions of modernism and our futile attempts to control nature.

Van Gogh Museum

Choosing Vincent | until 10 April 2023

This temporary multisensory exhibition in Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is about the the family of artist Vincent van Gogh. You will get to know Vincent, his brother Theo (1857-1891), Theo’s wife Jo (1862-1925) and their son Vincent (1890-1978), named after his uncle.

Cobra Museum

We kiss the earth | until 14 May 2023

Overview of developments in Danish art in the years before, during and after World War II, until the founding of the Cobra art movement. On display are works of Danish abstract-surrealist art in the 1930s. Also works from The radical artist collective Helhesten, one of the pioneers of later Cobra art. In the years 1934-1948, a spontaneous, abstract art form developed that was unique to Denmark and would later be an important pioneer for the Cobra movement (1948-1951).


Rembrandt & His Contemporaries | until 27 August 2023

Temporary exhibition at Amsterdams Hermitage museum presenting 35 paintings from The Leiden Collection, a private collection in New York. On display are works by Rembrandt, his teacher Pieter Lastman, and artists by other Dutch painters from the same era such as Jan Lievens, Frans van Mieris and Jan Steen.

Eye Film Museum

Saodat Ismailova 18 000 Worlds | until 4 June 2023

Saodat Ismailova is an important voice within the first generation of Central Asian artists to come of age in the post-Soviet era. In her work, she investigates the rich, complex and layered culture of the region where she was born. She portrays the spirit of Central Asia, crossroads of cultures, leaving lots of space for intuition, stories and music. The exhibition includes films and video installations, photography, textiles, a publication. Check website for talks and events.


Ernest Cole House of Bondage | until 14 June 2023

The South African photographer Ernest Cole is known for his documentation of Black lives in South Africa under apartheid: a regime of institutionalised racial segregation that was in effect from 1948 to the early 1990s.

Lebohang Kganye Haufi nyana? I’ve come to take you home | until 21 May 2023

Lebohang Kganye focuses on exploring her family’s personal and collective ‘micro histories’. Her work is embedded in the wider history of South Africa from before, during, and in the aftermath of apartheid and colonialism.

Huis van Marseille

Samuel Fosso | until 12 March 2023

Retrospective of the French-Cameroon photographer Samuel Fosso (1962, Kumba, Cameroon).Samuel Fosso’s work is part of a long African tradition of studio photography, but he has also made a major contribution to reinventing this photographic genre by turning the camera on himself and transforming his photo studio into a kind of playground – a space of absolute freedom in which he can embody a wide variety of characters.

Pérez Siquier Colours and Contrasts of Spain | 25 March - 18 June 2022

Retrospective of the work of the Spanish photographer Carlos Pérez Siquier (1930-2021). His earliest work in black and white is marked by incisive social critique. His later series, in colour, show Spain in the postwar years of the Franco regime, when the modern consumer society began to emerge. Later work is more poetic,introspective work.

Moco Museum

the Kid | ongoing

Contemporary artist The Kid uses art as a means to make us question the notions of power and privilege. On display at Moco Museum are his hyper-realistic, bigger-than-life portraits and life-size sculptures that confront the audience with the injustice in America and in many democracies around the world today.


Divas | from 8 March 2023

Find inspiration in the female icos of Arab film and music. The Divas exhibition highlights the worldwide artistic and social impact of stars like Umm Kulthum, Asmahan, Warda, and Fayrouz. Their music and films connect people around the world. Divas shows the impact their work had and continues to have.

Our Colonial Inheritance | until 31 December 2023

Exhibition that looks at Dutch colonial history and its influence today in Indonesia, Suriname, Curacao, Sint Maarten and other countries. A multivoiced perspective.

NXT Museum

UFO - Unidentified Fluid Other | until 30 April 2023

Installations that explore new worlds loose from physical life, who are we becoming in virtual worlds? In a world seemingly free from fixed social constraints, with no binary labels, everyone is ‘other’. Who we evolve into is – as yet – unidentified and fluid./span>


Graffiti and street art | permanent

At NDSM, one of the main halls of the former ship wharf you will find the new (2021) museum STRAAT. On display are 150 huge (9 x 5 meter) street-art works by more than 140 artists of 32 nationalities. STRAAT keeps inviting street artists from all over the world to create work of this size. Includes a gift shop and gallery.

Het Schip

Constructed ideals | permanent

The permanent exhibition at The Ship shows the variety and wide range of the Amsterdam School architectural movement. The recommended guided tour explains the stylistic features of the building and includes a visit to the hovel, the former post office and the museum flat.

Jewish Historical Museum

New Era, New Art | 31 March - 3 September 2023

Temporary exhibition about the role Jews played in the development of art and architecture in Amsterdam between 1880 and 1940. New styles like Art Nouveau, Amsterdam School Architecture, and Art Deco were not confined to expensive artworks but found their way to everyday life. The exhibits shown shine a light on the Jews who made and commissioned creative work, who actively and consciously chose to integrate and assimilate.

Etty & Leonie | until 10 April 2023

In 2016, French photographer Frédéric Brenner launched a three-year project to document contemporary Jewish life in Berlin. The photos show fragments of Jewish life in Berlin today: German Jews who have lived in Berlin for generations, young Israelis who have settled in Berlin, Orthodox rabbis, artists and Germans who have converted to Judaism.

De Nieuwe Kerk

History & Royalty | 15 October - 10 April 2023

Exhibition at Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Kerk at Dam Square about queen Juliana. Get to know Dutch royalty by over 400 different objects: photographs, clothing and a complete dinnertable.

Amsterdam Museum

The Maasdamme Collection | until 3 September 2023

At Amstel 51, the Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel presents this impressive collection of dioramas made by Rita Maasdamme (1944–2016). The dolls tell the history of the former Dutch colonies from the unique perspective of enslaved people, Maroons, and the Indigenous population.

Rembrandt House Museum

Museum is renovating | re-opening on March 18th

National Maritime Museum

Humans at Sea | until 28 May 2023

The Dutch National Maritime Museum ‘Het Scheepvaartmuseum’ and Dutch National Portrait Gallery present Humans at Sea, a photography exhibition. Portraits and stories show how a life at sea can change people.

Allard Pierson

Maps Unfolded | 2 March - 16 July 2023

Maps Unfolded – From Atlas to Street Map is a temporary exhibition at the Amsterdam museum of archeology and cultural history about 700 years of cartography in the Netherlands. The exhibition shows the diversity of maps from the 15th century onwards and reveals the stories behind them. All maps, including works by Blaeu, Ortelius, Ptolemaeus and Bos, are held in the cartography collection at the Allard Pierson, one of the most important in Europe.