Amsterdam Exhibitions Calendar 2021


Remember me | 1 October 2021 - 16 January 2022

European portraits from the renaissance era. More than 100 pieces from artists like Holbein, Dürer, Memling and Titiaan. One of the highlights is Portrait of a Young Woman, a masterpiece of the Northern Renaissance, painted by Petrus Christus around 1470.

Ellsworth Kelly | until 24 October 2021

Throughout the summer months of 2021, nine sculptures by American artist Ellsworth Kelly (1923–2015) will be on display in the Rijksmuseum Gardens.

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Stedelijk Museum

Kirchner and Nonlde: Expressionism. Colonialism. | until 5 December 2021

The work of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Emil Nolde is famous for its unconventional portrayals of people, landscapes and objects rendered in bold colours and energetic brushstrokes.

Oliver Laric Betweenness | 2 October 2021 - 9 January 2022

Multimedia artist Oliver Laric (Innsbruck, 1981, lives and works in Berlin) explores themes such as hybridity, authorship and authenticity from a post-internet perspective.

Let Textiles Talk. Six Tapestries Unravelled | 13 November - 20 March 2022

Six tapestries on show in combination with works from artists. The tapestries that are central to this research exhibition on textile art, creative expression and institutional critique were made in 1951, by the Egyptian architect and pedagogue Ramses Wissa Wassef and his wife Sophie Habib Georgi.

Van Gogh Museum

The potatoe eaters | 8 October 2021 - 13 February 2022

Van Gogh saw his work The Potato Eaters as his first true masterpiece, but that is not how it was received at the time. Get insight into Van Gogh’s perseverance, how he dealt with criticism, and what the painting meant to him.

Van Gogh and the Olive Groves | 11 March - 12 June 2022

Vincent was fascinated by the ever-changing ambiance and colours of the trees, which he tried to capture as expressively and powerfully as possible in his paintings. This art exhibition in the Amsterdam Van Gogh museum explores the significance of olive trees to Van Gogh, and his ambitions when painting this series.

Cobra Museum

Cobra and Politics | until 24 November 2021

Artists of the Cobra movement used their art to express their political views and shared ideals. This exhibition in Amstelveen’s Cobra museum shows this through a number of works from the museum collection.


Tsars and Knights | until 1 January 2022

At Amsterdam’s Hermitage museum is the temporary exhibition Tsars and Knights, The Romanovs’ love affair with the Middle Ages. Over 250 objects from the Russian Hermitage are brought to the Netherlands. They tell stories of czars, knights, ladies, courtly love, and tournaments.

Allard Piersson

Goddesses of Art Nouveau | until 29 August 2022

The Allard Pierson museum shares the collections of the University of Amsterdam with visitors and scholars in the areas of archaeology, the history of books, Jewish culture, church history, cartography, literature, graphic design and zoology. The exhibition “Goddesses of Art Nouveau“ is about the fascination for feminine beauty in the international art nouveau movement.


Shigeru Onishi - The Possibility of Existence | until 9 January 2022

In his photographs, Japanese mathematician and artist Shigeru OnishiOnishi tried to transcend time and space: his works renounce photography as a snapshot. Images mingle in montages, or fade in his unorthodox printing methods; Onishi ignored all the rules of the darkroom.

Next Level: Jonathas de Andrade | 14 January 2022 - 10 April 2022

The stories that Jonathas de Andrade (Maceió, Brazil, 1982) tells are rooted in the territory and history of Brazil, particularly in the Nordeste (northeast region). His work echoes the voices of those less heard and is told through photography, video and installation.

Huis van Marseille

Vincent Delbrouck - Champú | 4 September - 5 December 2021

In 2018 photographer Vincent Delbrouck photographed and filmed a group of young people in the El Chivo park in La Vibora, a quiet district of Havana, Cuba. The photo project is a testament to the eternally innovative life and resilience present in youth.

Sohrab Hura: Spill | until 5 December 2021

Sohrab Hura (1981, Chinsurah, West Bengal, India) is a photographer, film-maker, writer and curator. On display at the Amsterdam photography museum Huis van Marseille are photo series, video works, installations and interventions in the museum spaces.

Rembrandt House Museum

Hello Rembrandt! | Hat on for Rembrandt | until 2 January 2022

The Rembrandt House Museum has two exhbitions especially for young explorers. Hello Rembrandt! is an interactive exhibition for youngster from 3 to 12 years old. Try out Rembrandt’s lighting, play with fragments of The Nightwatch, see from how many layers a painting is built up, or dive into a pigment cabinet with all the pigments that Rembrandt used to make his paint. In Hat on for Rembrandt, photo portraits of children with hats on are paired with etchings by Rembrandt.

Amsterdam Museum

Freethinkers: from Spinoza to now | until 27 Feburary 2022

Temporary exhibition about four centuries of free spirits, from Baruch Spinoza (1632–1677) to the present. On show are the censure imposed on Spinoza by the Jewish community in 1656 for ‘abominable heresies’, Theo van Gogh’s typewriter, T-shirts from the first Black Lives Matter demonstration, and the handbag belonging to Amsterdam rtist Tinkebell, which she made from her cat.

De Nieuwe Kerk

Maison Amsterdam | 18 September 2021 - 30 January 2022.

Temporary exhibition inside Amsterdam’s main church. On show is a unique display of 250 years of Amsterdam fashion history. Expect beautiful costumes from the Amsterdam Museum collection and pieces of a range of fashion designers.

Moco Museum

The Kid | until January 2022

Contemporary artist The Kid uses art as a means to make us question the notions of power and privilege. On display at Moco Museum are his hyper-realistic, bigger-than-life portraits and life-size sculptures that confront the audience with the injustice in America and in many democracies around the world today.


Healing power | until 6 June 2022

Exhibition in Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum about healing traditions across the world. With objects from the Arctic to South America brought together with work by contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst and Marina Abramović.

Our inheritance | from 9 June 2022

A new, extensive presentation on the colonial and slavery past. The focus is on the visitor’s direct experience of the world and becoming aware of the relationship between everyday life and the legacies of colonialism and slavery.

Jewish Historical Museum

Forget & Remember by Gil & Moti | until 28 November 2021

Temporary exhibition at the Jewish Historical Museum about the father and mother of the artist couple Gil & Moti. There is also a special audio tour for the exhibition that connects the personal side, that of the artist’s own Jewish family background and migration history, with contemporary Israeli themes. In a series of videos they show intimate conversations between the artists and their parents.

Fred Stein | 8 July - 7 November 2021

Photographer Fred Stein (1909-1967) was born in Dresden as the son of a rabbi. Nearly two hundred photos by Stein have been reprinted from the original negatives especially for this exhibition in Amsterdam’s Jewish Historical Museum. His versatile work shows a special photographic talent and a lifelong social and political commitment. An immigrant and outsider himself, he had a keen eye for social inequality, poverty, refugees and ethnic minorities.

National Maritime Museum

Amsterdam port & city | dates tbs

Temporary exhibition at the Amsterdam Scheepvaartmuseum shows the age-old relationship between the harbour and the city, from the moment a dam was built in the Amstel to the future.

Resistance Museum

Be brave! | until 1 May 2022

Virtual reality exhibitions about the February Strike that took place exactly 80 years ago in the Netherlands. Willem, Coba and Joop were three Amsterdammers who played an active role in this unique resistance to the persecution of the Jews. They were brave, but what price did they pay? And what price did their loved ones have to pay?