Amsterdam Exhibitions Calendar 2020/21


Highlights of Italian Drawing | until 23 November 2020

Temporary exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum showing drawings from the museum’s Print Room collection. Works by Italian masters such as Raphael, Michelangelo, Carracci, Barocci, Canaletto, Tiepolo and Piranesi. The most exceptional drawing is perhaps one by Raphael that dates from 1519-20.

Slavery, an exhibition | 12 February 2021 - 30 May 2021

For the first time, the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum will hold a temporary exhibition devoted to the subject of slavery, focusing on slavery in the Dutch colonial period, spanning from the 17th to the 19th century.

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Stedelijk Museum

In the presence of absence | 5 September 2020 - 31 January 2021

Spanning more than 14 rooms, the interdisciplinary exhibition In the Presence of Absence presents a selection of (counter) narratives that challenge fixed ideas about our society and question how history is written.

From Thonet to 'Dutch Design' 125 years of living at the Stedelijk | until March 2021

Landmarks of design history. Designs by the Thonet brothers, Gerrit Rietveld, Charlotte Perriand, Verner Panton, Richard Hutten, Hella Jongerius and others alternate with lesser known or previously unexhibited pieces by Bertha Bake, the Wiener Werkstätte, Lambertus Zwiers, Nanna Ditzel and Aldo van den Nieuwelaar.

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Inspires Jean-Luc Mylayne | until 14 February 2020

Van Gogh and his love of nature is a special source of inspiration for Jean-Luc Mylayne (1946). Like Van Gogh, in his work he wants to express the connection he feels with nature.

Your loving Vincent | 9 October 2020 - 10 January 2021

Van Gogh was not only a talented artist, but also an avid letter writer. Summer 2020, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam exhibits a selection of his best letters, alongside world-famous paintings and drawings like The Bedroom, The Potato Eaters and The Sower.

Cobra Museum

This is surrealism! The Boijmans masterpieces | 1 June - 27 September 2020

While the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam is closed for renewal, a collection of surrealist masterpieces from its collection travels the world. First stop is the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. Works by Salvador Dali, René Magritte, Max Ernst, Miró, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Leonora Carrington, Paul Delvaux.


Jewels! | until 16 October 2020

One of the Hermitage’s greatest treasures is the fabulous jewellery collection. Hundreds of them superbly sparkle in this exhibition.Together with many portraits and a profusion of richly decorated gowns and ensembles once worn by the highest echelons at the Russian court in St Petersburg, they represent two centuries in fashion and jewels.

Allard Piersson

Goddesses of Art Nouveau | 23 October 2020 - 21 Match 2021

The Allard Pierson museum shares the collections of the University of Amsterdam with visitors and scholars in the areas of archaeology, the history of books, Jewish culture, church history, cartography, literature, graphic design and zoology. The exhibition “Goddesses of Art Nouveau“ is about the fascination for feminine beauty in the international art nouveau movement.


Remsen Wolff –
Amsterdam Girls | until 6 December 2020

From 1990 to 1992, the American photographer Remsen Wolff spent one month each year at the American Hotel in Amsterdam to work on the project Special Girls – A Celebration. For this project, Wolff made portraits of transgender people in New York and in Amsterdam. The photographs show the huge variety in gender fluidity in the 1990s, beyond the spotlight of notorious Amsterdam nightclubs such as Club RoXY and iT.

Alec Soth – I Know How Furiously Your Heart is Beating | 11 September - 6 December 2020

New series by the Magnum photographer consisting of portraits of remarkable people in their habitat, and still-lifes of their personal belongings.

Johny Pitts – Afropean:
Travels in Black Europe | until 1 November 2020

In Afropean writer and photographer journalist Johny Pitts (Sheffield, UK) examines the life of black communities, travelling across Europe.

Huis van Marseille

Jean-Luc Mylayne - The Autumn of Paradise | until 22 November 2020

For more than forty years now, the work of Jean-Luc Mylayne focuses on the encounter with birds, their fleeting presence captured by the camera.

Infinite Identities. Photography in the Age of Sharing | 28 November - 7 March 2021

Nine contemporary artists and photographers show how the photographic social medium of Instagram works for them as a digital podium, an archive, an atelier, a source of inspiration, and a locus of interaction and documentation.

Rembrandt House Museum

LIfe/Time | 25 September – 29 November 2020

Life/Time shows works of art from the Rembrandt museum’s collection, such as etchings by Rembrandt, paintings by his pupil Abraham van Dijck and prints by Dutch artist Aat Veldhoen. The high point of this collection exhibition is the latest acquisition of The Rembrandt House Museum: a small painting by Rembrandt pupil Abraham van Dijck depicting an old man on the edge of falling asleep.

Amsterdam Museum

Beer | July - 1 November 2020

Temporary about the history and importance of beer for the city of Amsterdam. From the recent craft beer revolution, through the era of industrialization and the rise of pale lager in the late 19th century, to the late-medieval foundations of Amsterdam’s later trade successes that were laid with the import of German hopped beer.

De Nieuwe Kerk

World Press Photo 2020 | until 29 November 2020

De Nieuwe Kerk on Amsterdam’s Dam Square hosts the world premiere of World Press Photo 2020. All nominated images and videos are on display, including Photo of the Year.

Moco Museum

Banksy – Laugh now | until 1 April 2021

Moco Museum offers a (unauthorised) collection of some of Banksy’s most iconic works, including ‘Laugh Now’, ‘Barcode’, ‘Girl with Balloon’, ‘Kids on Guns’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Flower Thrower’, ‘Monkey Queen’, ‘Kate Moss’, ‘Bomb Hugger’, ‘Soup Can’ and many more.


What a Genderful World | until 3 January 2020

Gender is a hot topic. But did you know that what we see as masculine or feminine is largely culturally determined? Tropenmuseum explores gender in a festival-like setting where the visitor is invited to dive into the world of gender and discover how this is expressed and experienced worldwide.

Bali. Behind the scenes | until 10 January 2021

An exibibion about the tropical island of Bali: the effect of mass tourism, but also the resilience of island culture. Get to know the Hindu priest out to preserve traditions in his own way and meet the artist and activist Made Bayak whose work highlights Bali’s problems with plastic waste.

Jewish Cultural Center

Charlotte Salomon in close-up | until 22 November 2020

This temporary exhibition at the Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum explores the influence of film on Charlotte Salomon’s gesamtkunstwerk Life? or Theatre? A Singspiel.

Waterlooplein | 2 October 2020 - 28 February 2021

The Waterlooplein, the square, market en surrounding neighbourhood once was the heart of the Amsterdam Jewish Quarter. ‘Waterlooplein: the neighbourhood inside out’ focuses on developments from the 17th century to the present. 3D reconstructions, film footage, photos, objects and archaeological finds allow visitors not only to discover the neighbourhood itself, but also to see how archaeologists and historians are able, using individual elements and research, to create an impression of a neighbourhood that no longer exists.

Maritime Museum

Scramble for the artic | 12 October 2020

Temporary exhibition at Amsterdam’s ‘Scheepvaartmuseum’ illustrates the 400 years of Dutch presence in the Arctic region. From the mythical pole, the first attempts to find a northern passage, whaling, winter stays as epic tales of national pride, competition and science and the rise of tourism.

Rising Tide | until 12 October 2020

Presentation of photo journalists and film makers Kadir van Lohuizen en Yuri Kozyrev about the effects of global warming. Van Lohuizen travelled to locations including Greenland, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Panama, Kiribati, Fiji, Jakarta, Miami, New York, and the Netherlands to investigate and visualize the impact of rising water levels.

Resistance Museum

WW II in 100 photographs | from 17 September 2020

Collection of 100 photographs taken during the Second World War. The photos were donated by the public. A jury of public and experts made the selection. The images show how inhabitants of the Netherlands, Dutch East India, and Suriname experienced the war.