Amsterdam Exhibitions Calendar 2022


REVOLUSI! | 2 February - 5 June 2022

Temporary exhibition in the Netherlands most important historical museum about the Indonesian struggle for independence (1945-1949). Indonesia was colonized by the Netherlands and known as the Dutch East Indies until the mid 20th century. Over 200 objects tell stories about the struggle as well as the creativity and energy that the creation of a new state brought about.

Vincent Mentzel | until 6 June 2022

Exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum featuring work by Dutch photographer Vincent Mentzal. Important subject for him was Dutch politics in the 1970s and 80s.

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Stedelijk Museum

Hito Steyerl I will survive | 29 January - 12 June 2022

German artist Hito Steyerl uses image, sound, essays, performance and architectural environments in videos that become installation. She critiques and illuminates current developments like capitalism, nationalism, ethnic profiling, digital control, power structures, media and politics.

Remy Jungerman Behind the forest | until 10 April 2022

Sculptures, installations, panels, collages and screen-prints by Surinam artist Remy Jungerman. Jungerman draws parallels between the geometric patterns of traditional textiles indigenous to Maroon culture, and Modernism.

Let Textiles Talk. Six Tapestries Unravelled | 10 May 2022

Six tapestries on show in combination with works from artists. The tapestries that are central to this research exhibition on textile art, creative expression and institutional critique were made in 1951, by the Egyptian architect and pedagogue Ramses Wissa Wassef and his wife Sophie Habib Georgi.

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh and the Olive Groves | 11 March - 12 June 2022

Vincent was fascinated by the ever-changing ambiance and colours of the trees, which he tried to capture as expressively and powerfully as possible in his paintings. This art exhibition in the Amsterdam Van Gogh museum explores the significance of olive trees to Van Gogh, and his ambitions when painting this series.

Cobra Museum

Korda: Cuba, Che, Glamour | 18 March until 26 June 2022

Retrospective exhibition of the Cuban photographer Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez, commonly known as Korda. On display is a selection of his best works; from glamour and feminine beauty to advertising photography, to powerful portraits of the leaders and military of the Cuban revolution to the Cuban people and underwater wildlife images.


Russian Avant-Garde - Revolution in the Arts | 29 January 2022 - 23 January 2023

Art exhibition with works on canvas, paper, textile and porcelain from the avant-garde art movement in Russia.

Eye Film Museum

Guido van der Werve – Palpable Futility | 12 February - 29 May 2022

Retrospective exhibition of Dutch film maker Guido van der Werve. His films explore the futility of existence, yet they also capture its endless beauty. Films, talks and events.


Next Level: Jonathas de Andrade | until 18 May 2022

The stories that Jonathas de Andrade (Maceió, Brazil, 1982) tells are rooted in the territory and history of Brazil, particularly in the Nordeste (northeast region). His work echoes the voices of those less heard and is told through photography, video and installation.

Bill Brandt. The Beautiful and the Sinister | until 18 May 2022

Exhibition featuring work by British photographer Bill Brandt (1904-1983). Brandt’s work shows social inequality in England in the 1930s. He also explored experimentation of nudes.

Huis van Marseille

Luc Delahaye Le Village | until 8 May 2022

In this exhibition French photographer Luc Delahaye combines large-scale photographic tableaux with documentary series to depict life in a small Senegalese village. The focus is on everyday heroes, village scenes, and local mythologies.

Charlotte Dumas Ao | until 8 May 2022

Three short films by Charlotte Dumas all set on the Japanese island of Yonaguni. Since 2015 Dumas has studied this island and the critically-endangered breed of native horses that roam freely across it. The horses once fulfilled a vital role in the island’s community, as general workhorses but also with a religious function.

Rembrandt House Museum

Raw | until 22 May 2022

On show are work of 13 contemporary artists. They, like Rembrandt, portray people ‘raw’, giving a realistic view of the human body. The temporary art exhibition at Rembrandt’s former work and living houses show work by Melanie Bonajo, Marlene Dumas, Alix Marie, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Alex Farrar, Rineke Dijkstra, Paul Kooiker, Shannon Finnegan, Milan Gies, Jeroen Schokkin, Verena Blok, Aline Thomassen and Natasja Kensmil.

Amsterdam Museum

Colonial Stories | until 28 August 2022

Exhibition about Amsterdam’s colonial past and its message and meaning in present days. Highlights are portraits of slave traders to photographs of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in 2020. Objects from the Dutch East INdia Company (VOC) and recent apologies by the city of Amsterdam for its involvement in slavery.

De Nieuwe Kerk

Maison Amsterdam | until 3 April 2022

Temporary exhibition inside Amsterdam’s main church. On show is a unique display of 250 years of Amsterdam fashion history. Expect beautiful costumes from the Amsterdam Museum collection and pieces of a range of fashion designers.

Moco Museum

the Kid | ongoing

Contemporary artist The Kid uses art as a means to make us question the notions of power and privilege. On display at Moco Museum are his hyper-realistic, bigger-than-life portraits and life-size sculptures that confront the audience with the injustice in America and in many democracies around the world today.


Healing power | until 6 June 2022

Exhibition in Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum about healing traditions across the world. With objects from the Arctic to South America brought together with work by contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst and Marina Abramović.

Our inheritance | from 9 June 2022

A new, extensive presentation on the colonial and slavery past. The focus is on the visitor’s direct experience of the world and becoming aware of the relationship between everyday life and the legacies of colonialism and slavery.

NXT Museum

Shifting Proximities | until 8 May 2022

NXT is a new (2021) museum for new media art in Amsterdam Noord. The temporary exhibition Shifting Proximities consists of 8 immersive and multi-sensory installations. The artworks illuminate the social implications of technological development, like artificial intelligence and the QR-code as well as bringing awareness to pressing themes of our times by using science and technology.


Graffiti and street art | permanent

At NDSM, one of the main halls of the former shipwharf you will find the new (2021) museum STRAAT. On display are 150 huge (9 x 5 meter) streetart-works by more than 140 artists with 32 nationalities. STRAAT keeps inviting street artists from all over teh world to create work of this size. Includes a giftshop and gallery with temporary exhibition. Until 12 December work of legendary artist Cornbread from Philadelphia

Het Schip

Fré Cohen | until 4 September 2022

Amsterdam School Museum Het Schip present an exhibition about the Dutch artist and graphic designer Fré Cohen (1903-1943). She designed printwork for the city of Amsterdam and for the socialist movement. The Amsterdam School had an important base in the Amsterdam Jewish proletariat, like the diamond working movement. Cohen’s background is also Jewish.

National Maritime Museum

Willem van de Velde & Son | until 8 May 2022

This temporary art exhibition in Amsterdam’s Scheepvaartmuseum shows the work of two Dutch artists who created dramatic sea scapes in the 17th century. They are father and son. Each of them had the own speciality: pen drawings and oil paintings.

Resistance Museum

Be brave! | until 1 May 2022

Virtual reality exhibitions about the February Strike that took place exactly 80 years ago in the Netherlands. Willem, Coba and Joop were three Amsterdammers who played an active role in this unique resistance to the persecution of the Jews. They were brave, but what price did they pay? And what price did their loved ones have to pay?

Jewish Historical Museum

Children of Al-Andalus | until 18 April 2022

Children of Al-Andalus. Portraits of Andalusian-Moroccan Muslims and Jews is an exhibition featuring photos, film and stories of Moroccan descendants of Jews and Muslims from Al-Andalus.

Every picture tells a story | until 4 September 2022

Photography exhibition showing Jewish life from the 1930s until present. From documentary photos of life on the streets of Amsterdam’s Jewish neighborhoods, to the anti-Jewish persecution of the Second World War, and from the postwar revival of Jewish life to the conceptual photography of present day.