Amsterdam Smart Shops

by Tanja

Amsterdam smart shops sell only natural highs. Magic mushrooms may not be sold, but there are good alternatives available, like magic truffles. Or you can buy a magic mushroom grow kit and grow them easily at home! Smart shops in Amsterdam, also known as head shops or grow shops in England, sell smart drugs like Kanna, Salvia, CBD oil, vaporizers, weed seeds, and natural food supplement online as well in the physical store. Some smart shops in Amsterdam have a relaxing place to enjoy a drink. Smart Shops in Amsterdam do not sell weed, hash, or any other drugs. Only Coffee Shops in Amsterdam sell marihuana.

The Best Amsterdam Smart Shops

The Best Smart Shops in Amsterdam are real smart shops. You can find many souvenir shops where you can buy similar products, but often, these shops don’t know the dangers and effects of these drugs. Always buy smart drugs in Amsterdam in a real Smart Shop. Never buy natural drugs in a souvenir shop. The best Amsterdam Smart Shops have good staff who will be happy to inform you about the effects and dangers of smart drugs. They can also help you choose.

There are 3 real smart shops in Amsterdam, and they have various shops in the city. You can find them on the map below:


Azarius is a smart shop, headshop, seed shop and vaporizer shop in one. Azarius sells all its products online. They also have a real store at Kerkstraat 119 in Amsterdam. Their VapeLab in Kerkstraat is the place in Amsterdam to discover the most advanced vaporizers.


Kokopelli is a large shop in the old center of Amsterdam: Warmoesstraat 12. The shop is a friendly host where you may ask all you want from the knowledgeable staff about smart drugs. Sit back and enjoy a drink, surf on the internet read a book about spirituality, or just listen to calming music.

Kokopelli also offers a space for ‘Awareness and personal development. Kokopelli is one of the best smart shops in Amsterdam with a definite shamanistic atmosphere.

The Magic Mushroom Gallery

The Magic Mushroom Gallery is located at Spuistraat 249. The shops has friendly staff that knows everything about magic mushrooms, magic truffles and all their other products. These products are also sold online.

Tatanka Smart Shops

Tatanka has 3 smart shops in Amsterdam. You can spend some time here looking at all the products. The staff is professional.

Can I buy shrooms in an Amsterdam smart shop?

Magic mushrooms, ‘shrooms’ (or ‘paddo’s‘ in Dutch) are not for sale anymore in Amsterdam Smart Shops. Dried magic mushrooms were banned in The Netherlands in 2008. Fresh shrooms were banned in The Netherlands 2009.

What can I buy in a smart shop in Amsterdam?

An Amsterdam smart shop only sells natural highs. Below are listed some of the products you can buy in a smart shop in Amsterdam. These products are also for sale online. Follow the links below to buy these products in the online webshop of Azarius.

NOTE: Shipment is only possible within Europe.

Magic Truffles in Amsterdam

After fresh mushrooms and later dried mushrooms, were banned in Holland, truffles became a popular alternative. Sclerotia, also known as ‘magic truffles’ or Philosopher’s stones, contain psilocybin. This generates a colourful and philosophical state of mind. A truffles trip lasts between 4 and 6 hours.

Amsterdam truffles
Valhalla is a strong truffle in smart shops in Amsterdam.

Magic Truffles Hydra

Truffles Amsterdam smart shops
Hydra sclerotia are the most popular magic truffles in smart shops in Amsterdam. These truffles are a good replacement for magic mushrooms. Apart from getting high, you can expect visuals and philosophical insights.

Magic Truffles Hollandia

Truffles grown in Holland (with love!) are Hollandia Magic Truffle. These truffles were developed by Dutch growers to be the ultimate truffle. Magic truffles Hollandia are extra strong – only for experienced users! Sold online as well as in an Amsterdam smart shop.


Salvia has become a very popular product. Salvia divinorum is also known as Diviner’s Sage, Ska María Pastora or Seer’s Sage. The leaves of Salvia Divinorum take you into a dreamy, trip-like state of consciousness. Take it in a quiet, safe environment with someone present who is sober to guide you. The effects last for five to thirty minutes only.

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Erman October 16, 2012 - 14:07

Hello all,
I am going to be in Amsterdam for NYE with my friends.
I have been in Amsterdam several times and tried magic mushroom alot.
and now we are looking for have fun with my friends and do not know where to find magic mushroom ( it is forbidden as all we know ) so where can I get the most powerfull and strongest truffel.
Does the dragon Dynamite the most powerfull one???
Which one and where should I get them ?
and also any suggestions for NYE night?
Many thanks for responses!!!!
Take care all

Tanja October 17, 2012 - 07:58

You can find any smart drugs and magic mushrooms in the smart shops mentioned in the article above. They can give you all the information you need. Parties for NYE will become known in the month of December. It’s still October! Keep posted. I will add more info on this blog when I have it. Enjoy Amsterdam!


TonyZ January 22, 2012 - 05:40

I will be in the Dam during the second week of March. Looking for a smart shop that allows one to indulge in their purchases on site. Preferably in a comfortable environment conducive to tripping.

Jason January 20, 2012 - 19:10

Hopefully you will see my reply.
Anyways, my wife and i will be going there for the first time this spring. I was wondering how the laws were in regards to MDMA (finding MDMA in the states has been challenging the last few years). I know its not for sale legally… Is it hard to find and how strict are the law in regards to its usage?

What is the etiquette for testing the pills at a smart shop?


Andre January 11, 2012 - 20:42

Hey guys, I was wondering about peyote availability at these shops. I’ve snooped around some websites and so far as I can tell, they sell the whole cactus for cultivation (at a hefty price, I might add). Is there any place that just sells the peyote buttons?

Half Baked Potatoes November 29, 2011 - 14:15

I am just back and ended up in a smart shop again. Had a box of the truffles and they are the biggest waste of money you are going to come across there. We did find a place with peyote however, and that stuff is off the wall.

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