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by Tanja
best Amsterdam apps

Be sure to download the right apps for Amsterdam to make you stay easier. There are many guides available for your Android or Iphone. But did you know there are also apps to find a public toilet in Amsterdam? To get a cheap taxi? A cheap apartment? A playground that fits your kids needs and fulfills his play dreams?

Here is a list of 10 the best apps for Amsterdam.

1. How to use Google Maps offline

Google Maps is the basic Google app you need to find your way in Amsterdam. You can use Google Maps also when you are offline. So when you are abroad, where mobile data is expensive and wifi is unavailable, you can download the map of Amsterdam to your phone and navigate offline like you would online.

Instructions: How to use Google Maps offline

2. How to find open wifi signals in Amsterdam

Lots of hotels and bars offer free wifi. But it can be a hassle to get the name and passwords. With the free app Instabridge, your problem is solved. You will only need one password for the city to unlock all wifi passwords. The users of this app add new passwords, so it works better as more people start to use it.

best Amsterdam apps

The best Amsterdam apps: experience Amsterdam like a local

3. Experience Amsterdam like a local

You can can experience Amsterdam like a local with the  app Spotted by Locals. No internet connection is required for this app. Spots are marked on a handy map in many different categories like art, culture, bars and so on. All spots come from locals and kept up to date and up to season.

4. How to get a cheap Taxi

Uber is the worlds revolutionary new taxi service. Thousands of locals work a an independent taxi service and you can connect to them online and through the Uber app.

You choose the location you want to go to and a driver pops up. You can see the driver’s picture and vehicle details and track their arrival on the map on your phone. Payment is also done via the app. Your credit car is automatically charged. You can rate the experience on the app.

More information about Taxis in Amsterdam.

5. How to stay in a cheap apartment in Amsterdam

AirBnB is the same as Uber, but for apartments. Came to the city and found out there are no hotels available? Download the AirBnB app and register. Search for a house or room of your choice and book directly online.

6. How to find a public toilet

Finding a public toilet in Amsterdam is not easy. Bars and cafes are not so thrilled by toilet visitors and often they refuse you if you don’t order something or money is asked.

There are many apps that list public toilets. For Amsterdam, a quick check and it seems you’re best off with the Toilocator app (also on Iphone). Best install a few of these apps when often in need…

7. How to find a coffee shop in Amsterdam

Not that coffee shops in Amsterdam are particularly difficult to find, but still this app fun to mention. Listed on a map are over 200 coffee shops in Amsterdam and a number of smart shops, grow shops, seed banks and smoker friendly cafes in Amsterdam.

You can rate the shops, save them to your favorites, share them with friends and share on Facebook. Greenmile comes with explanation on the Dutch coffee shop rules and is available in Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

8. Free city walks, guided tours and museum guides

The izi.TRAVEL Audio Guide app is a free app that has a huge amount of free city tours and special guided tours by museums and other organisations. What’s up with Amsterdam also has izi.TRAVEL tours so be sure to download the app and the tours when you come to Amsterdam.

9. How to find a playground

Apps for Amsterdam was a competition for apps about the city of Amsterdam, resulted in no more than 48 new applications for smart phones, web and Facebook. The so called ‘open data’ these apps use, come from the Amsterdam city council, who started the initiative.

The app Play! reached the third place. Play is an interactive app that helps you find a public playground in Amsterdam. The playgrounds are listed not only by address and gps coordinates but also by a ‘skills level indicator’ to make sure your kids are up to it. Also shows football and basketball fields, skating ramps, pools and zoos.

10. Vaarwaterapp

Even if this app is only available in Dutch, it’s still worthwhile. Vaarwater app is THE app for Amsterdam on the water. If you want to rent your own private boat in Amsterdam, you need this app. You navigate the Amsterdam canals and rivers with this app, see how fast you are going, check out the weather, use a compass, and register the kilometers you went. Also listed are interesting points in the city to check out. The Vaarwater app alone makes you want to rent a boat.

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