Artis Zoo

by Tanja
Artis Zoo Amsterdam

Artis is Amsterdam’s city zoo. I It houses many different animals like a jaguar, (African) elephants, pinguins, giant turtles, monkeys, giraffes, gorillas, lions and many other animals. There is also an aquarium and a planetarium. The park is set in a green, lush environment with lovely paths to wander around. The monumental buildings are very special, as the zoo dates back to 1839; it’s the oldest zoo in The Netherlands. The Amsterdam city Zoo Artis is located at the Amsterdam Jewish quarter. Next to the zoo is a modern museum dedicated to microbes: Micropia.

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Artis, a 19th Century City Zoo in central Amsterdam

The Artis Royal Zoo was founded in 1838 and many of the original buildings are still standing. The Zoo is surprisingly near the centre, which makes it an astonishing oasis of nature in Amsterdam, with all kinds of gardens to walk around. The historic park has centuries-old trees and lots of beautiful flowers.

Artis ZOO houses over 900 species of animals. There is also a historical Aquarium, an Amazonian rainforest, a tropical coral reef with colorful tropical fish and an authentic Amsterdam canal with its own aquatic life. There is also a monkey house where the monkeys play and the bird house where large bats fly over your head!

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Summer Night at the Amsterdam ZOO

In June, July and August, Artis Zoo organises special ‘Summer nights at the Zoo’ every Saturday when the zoo stays open until sunset. In June that means you can stay until around 11 p.m and enjoy all kinds of extra activities. You can tour the zoo, even by bike, have some French bread and wine, enjoy a picknick near the lions with olives and bites, while listening to live music. Children will be kept happy with a special program.


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