Car parking in Amsterdam

by Tanja
Car parking in Amsterdam

Car parking in Amsterdam is expensive and complicated. This article explains how much parking costs in Amsterdam, where to park, where to park for free and how to park cheaper, how to pay for parking and how much parking fines are. A P+R is probably the best choice for long term parking in Amsterdam, so I’ve listed these at the end of this article and how to use them.

Can you park in the street in Amsterdam?

Yes, you can park in the street in Amsterdam. However, parking in the street in Amsterdam is very expensive. It is also very difficult to find a free parking space, especially in the centre.

How much does parking cost in Amsterdam?

Car parking in the center of Amsterdam costs from €6 to €7,50 per hour (rates 2019). You pay the parking fee until 12 at night. The further you park from the centre of the city, the cheaper car parking in Amsterdam is.

Look at the map below for the parking rates:

Parking your car in Amsterdam: free parking is where there are no colours.
Parking rates in Amsterdam.

Where can I park for free in Amsterdam?

You can park for free in Amsterdam in some areas outside the ring A10. Examples are certain areas in Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam Nieuw-West and Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Parking for free in these areas of Amsterdam is not recommended because these are not safe areas. Your car runs a higher risk of being broken into or stolen.

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Another option for free parking in Amsterdam are some areas in Amstelveen. This is a high-class suburb city of Amsterdam and pretty safe to park. From Amstelveen you can reach Amsterdam easily by tram or by bus.

Is car parking on Sunday free in Amsterdam?

Parking on Sunday and on official holidays is free in Amsterdam, except in the city center and in the southern part of Amsterdam Noord.

Are there car parks in Amsterdam?

There are many (roofed) car parks in Amsterdam. You can find them when you follow the P-signs. Most of the car parks in Amsterdam cost the same as a normal street parking. Some are more expensive.

Car parking signs in Amsterdam

  • Parking sign Netherlands
  • Parking disabled
  • Parking license
  • Car parking Amsterdam

How can I pay for car parking in Amsterdam:

Paying for car parking in the street in Amsterdam is done using the machines in the streets. You can pay for car parking with your bank or credit card.

To pay, follow the instructions on the machine (choose your language). First, you enter your license plate number, then choose what ticket you want: hourly (per 5 minutes), day (9.00 to 19.00), evening (19.00 to midnight) or 24 hours (day ticket) or (only in the centre), a Sunday ticket.

You can print the ticket but this is optional. You don’t need to display the ticket in your car. Checks are done automatically: every now and then a car or scooter comes and checks the whole street with a scanner.

How to park your car cheap in Amsterdam:

Parking is cheaper when you buy a Day Ticket, an Evening Ticket, a Week Ticket or Month Ticket. For example a Day parking ticket online is 40% cheaper than paying in the street!

These cheap parking tickets are only available online!

The tickets are also valid for international cars, however, the website is online in Dutch. Buy the parking tickets at Click on the map where you want to park, then click on the amount you want to pay. In the next screen, fill in the date and the car license plate (‘Kenteken’).

How much is a parking fine in Amsterdam?

car parking in Amsterdam
Wheel clamp, booted car in Amsterdam.

If you don’t pay for parking, you may get a parking fine in Amsterdam of € 38,10.

You will get a wheel clamp when you have received five parking fines (expect one fine per day). To be released you will need to pay all the fines and the cost of the wheel clamp (€192) at the police station.

Parking fines in Amsterdam for foreigners

When the car is registered in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Austria, Poland, Spain, Sweden or Switzerland, you will also receive a parking fine.

The parking fine will be in your mail when you get back home from your holidays! You will also find a sticker on the car that will explain how to pay the fine in Amsterdam.

If your car is registered in any other country, you will get a wheel clamp after 2 days.

Long stay parking in Amsterdam

Park and Ride (p&r Amsterdam) is the cheapest way for long-stay parking in Amsterdam. There are 8 P&R’s in Amsterdam. They are all outside the city center. The price is very good: you pay €8 for the first 24 hours, then € 1 per 24 hours. If you arrive after 10 am, it’s only € 1,00 per 24 hour Weekends it’s always only € 1,00 per 24 hours.

You will receive a ticket at the entrance of the car park. You pay when you leave. You can pay with a credit card.

TAKE NOTE: You have to use public transportation to back to your car from the city centre using a public transport chip card. If you don’t use this card, you will not get the discount. The special P+R Public Transport Chip Card is available at the blue machines (€ 5 euros for 2 people).

1. Long stay parking at Olympic Stadion

For long-stay parking in Amsterdam, parking at the old Olympic Stadium is most popular because it is very near to the center. From the car park, you are in the city center within 20 minutes.

Directions: Coming from Den Haag/ Leiden on the A4, take the A10. Exit S108.: P&R. Take tram 16 or 24 to go to the centre.

This Amsterdam Park & Ride is a very popular p&r, so it’s possible it’s full. Also, be very careful you go first to the special P&R desk (follow the signs). If you enter in a normal car park, you pay the full prices.

2. Only 24 hrs: parking at Amsterdam Rai

Rai is Amsterdam’s largest conference and convention center of Amsterdam. This P+R is easy to reach from the Ring A10 (exit S109). The metro takes you downtown Amsterdam withing minutes.

The downside is that the cheap parking rate of this Amsterdam P&R is only valid for 24 hours. After that, you pay €25 per day.

Also, the cheap parking rate is not applicable when there are major events at Rai. Check the calendar of events on the Amsterdam RAI website. Entrance open 07:00 to midnight (exit 24 hours a day).

3. P+R Zeeburg (East)

The cheap parking rate at car park Zeeburg is a good option when you are staying in the East of Amsterdam. From car park P+R Zeeburg you can easily reach the center of Amsterdam by tram 26.

Directions: From A10, take exit S114. Next to the entrance of the Piet Heintunnel. Report at P+R desk.

4. Long stay parking at Johan Cruijff ArenA

You can park your car underneath the Johan Cruijff football stadium of Ajax when there are no football matches or other events.

Again: you must use public transport to travel to the center. If you cannot prove this by showing your public transport chip card, you will not get the discount.

Directions: Coming from Utrecht on the A9/A2: take exit Ouderkerk. Follow signs P1 and then P+R. Entrance to the right. Enter the car park and turn left to go to the P+R desk. Take metro 54 to go the centre.

5. Only weekends: parking at VU University

VU P&R is located in the South of Amsterdam, near Amstelveen. The VU is the Amsterdam university and hospital. The P&R special price for parking only counts for the weekend. From Monday, you pay the normal parking fees.

Enter from 07:00 to 22:00 on Saturday & Sunday (exit 24 hours a day). Take tram 5 to go quickly into the centre of the city.

6. P&R Bos en Lommer (Amsterdam West)

You can park a maximum of 96 hours at the car park of Bos en Lommer in the West of Amsterdam. Report at P+R desk first. Entrance from 7 am to 22.00 hours (10 pm). Exit 24 hours a day.

Take tram 7 or 14 to the centre (get out at Leidseplein or wherever you are staying) or bus 15.

Directions: From A10 coming from the West: exit S105, drive to S104. Coming from the North: exit S104 (Bos en Lommer). R

7. P&R Sloterdijk (Amsterdam West)

P+R Sloterdijk is quite popular. If full, go to Bos en Lommer. You can take the train to Central Station (5 minutes). Tram 12, bus 48 and metro 50 go more or less into the city, but be careful, because the final destination is not Central Station, so getting lost is easy. Don’t take metro 51, it will take too long.

Directions: From A10 take exit S102 (Basisweg).

Check availability of the P&R Amsterdam:

Where to park a motorhome in Amsterdam

If you visit Amsterdam by motorhome, you may park your motorhome in the street for a maximum of 3 days. However, you may not sleep in it! You may also park your car in the P&R Zeeburg I and II. But also there: parking your motorhome is maximum of 3 days and no sleeping inside the car!

Amsterdam City Camp for motorhomes

There is special parking for motorhomes in Amsterdam North. It’s called Amsterdam City Camp. It’s open all year round and it’s next to the NDSM, a great location with nice views and good access to the city by (free) ferry. 

Be aware that this is not a camping, there are no toilets or showers so for a camper van or VW van, this would be a stay without facilities. It’s not recommended to park your van in Amsterdam North because many were set on fire!

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Beverley Walker August 26, 2014 - 10:54

I tried to park my motorhome in all p&r yesterday not one would let me park. The attendant in the centrum car park wouldn’t even let me turn around he made me reverse back into the main busy highway’! Appalling treatment of visitors. Ended up leaving the city with just a drive past the sights. Very annoyed as whole day wasted.

Tanja February 3, 2016 - 09:18

There is a special parking section for motorhome in Amsterdam now. It’s in the north.

Murray Mootz July 27, 2018 - 12:56

Thanks for sharing it Tanja, the parking there is a serious issue. But the place you’ve mentioned I guess, it remains pretty occupied now.

Jorgen August 7, 2014 - 17:49

I don’t park in P+R anymore after my stereo for stolen and the car spent 1 week with the broken windows while during the entire week was raining.
I found I nice service called mobypark that I paid 10 euros a day just outside the canals. I recommend the service because the idea behind is original, its like airbnb for parking. You rent a garage from a private person.

hope it helps

Tanja August 8, 2014 - 09:29

Thanks for the tip, sounds good!

Stefaan June 29, 2012 - 19:58

Avoid P&R Bos and Lommer at all costs. Our car was broken into at this parking lot, despite no valuables being visible in the car (the only valuable, a GPS in the glove compartiment, was stolen). On the same night more than 5 other cars were broken into; the floor was covered in broken glass.

They actually have an industrial vacuum cleaner to suck up the broken car glass because it happens so often there. The police office nearby confirmed that they have multiple break in reports daily from this parking lot. Do note that despite the tv-screens and security cameras which may lead you to believe the parking is (partially) guarded, it is not at all guarded. Also, there are multiple cameras on the top level, but not a single one on the bottom level; almost all break ins happen on the bottom level.

Do not use this parking lot!

Tanja June 29, 2012 - 20:56

Thank you for this warning!

Sharee March 23, 2011 - 23:40

Hey I stumbled on your website by mistake when i was searching Live search for this subject, I need to point out your website is very useful I also enjoy the layout, its great!

Gareth July 19, 2014 - 18:52

Does anyone know if you can park a motorhome in the park and ride car parks?