Here’s what you should do on a day trip to Holland’s most famous fisherman’s village Volendam

by Tanja
Day trip Volendam

Experience Holland at its best on a Day Trip to Volendam. All the famous Dutch traditions are still much alive in this fisherman’s village near Amsterdam. Wander through the maze of narrow streets lined with green-painted houses. Meet its friendly inhabitants, some still dressed in traditional costumes. Enjoy the view in the old harbor while you try some delicious smoked eel.

Here are 6 Things to do in on Day Trip to Volendam

1. Get your photo taken wearing a Volendam costume

Some of the older Volendam women still wear them: the traditional costume of Volendam. Most typical of the Volendam attire is the peaked and winged cap.

There are many photo studios in Volendam where you can have your photo taken in a traditional costume. Foto De Boek is located in the old harbour of Volendam. Reservation is not necessary.

photo taken in clothes Volendam
Dress up your family in a Volendam costume and have their photo taken.

2. Try some eel at a Volendam Smokehouse

Originally, the inner sea of the Netherlands was salty, like the North Sea. After the inner sea was dammed by the Afsluitdijk in the North of the Netherlands, the water became fresh. That is how eel arrived to these water, a fish that live is saltwater and freshwater.

Traditionally the Volendam eel is smoked at a smokehouse. A Day Trip to Volendam is not complete if you have not tried this delicious fish. Probably the most famous eel smokery in Volendam is of the family Smit Bokkum. You can try their smoked eel in their restaurant and shop.

Smoked eel in Volendam.
Smoked eel at Volendammer Smokehouse Smit Bokkum.

3. Visit Art Hotel Spaander

Even artists saw something special in Volendam. From 1875 to 1914, many painters spent time in Volendam. Even Renoir and Picasso visited the old fisherman’s village. Many of these old paintings of Volendam are now decorating the walls of Hotel Spaander.

Hotel Spaander is located in the old harbour. Their café and restaurant serves many traditional dishes from Holland.

4. Visit a Traditional Volendam Bakery

One of the best things about Holland is the stroopwafel. A crispy, smooth, rich, and sweet syrup waffle cookie that is best eaten warm from the grill plate. At Volendam, there is a bakery that shows how stroopwafels are made in the traditional way. You can even make your own syrup waffles.

But Woltje’s Backerij is not just a bakery. Visiting the store feels like you are stepping 100 years back in time. Upstairs a home with kitchen and bedroom has been rebuilt with authentic details.

Waffle making Holland
100 years back in time in Volendam’s traditional bakery.

5. Experience Volendam in Virtual Reality

If you want to know what it feels like to live in 1916 in Volendam, you can! In this cool virtual reality experience, you will visit Volendam in the past. You will be part of everyday life, go on a fishermen’s boat and experience a storm at sea.

The Virtual Reality Experience takes about 25 minutes. It is located in the harbour of Volendam.

Experience Volendam in Virtual Reality.
Virtual Reality experience in Volendam.

6. A boat trip from Volendam to Marken

Boat Volendam to Marken
The Volendam Marken Express boat takes you to the village of Marken in 30 minutes.

Not far from Volendam lies another traditional fisherman’s village: Marken. This small town is enclosed by water. Both towns are connected by a special boat: the Volendam Marken Express. The vessel takes you there in 30 minutes. The boat goes back and forth, so you can take the boat back whenever you like. You may also take your bike, so it’s perfect to spend a Day Trip to Volendam.

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