Dutch conversation

by Tanja
Dutch sign

Dutch conversation is hard to teach yourself when you have no-one to talk or listen to. But you still want to impress some attractive Dutch girls when visiting Amsterdam with some fancy phrases in the Dutch language? Here’s is a short conversation with Dutch to English phrases for you to study. Below you find the video, so you know how to pronounce these strange words.

Conversation in Dutch

Hallo, ik heet Eva. Hoe heet jij?

Hello, my name is Eva. What’s your name?

Ik heet Tanja. Hoe gaat het?

  My name is Tanja. How are you?

Goed. Hoe gaat het met jou?

Good. How are you?

Met mij gaat het ook goed. Waar zijn we?

   I’m fine too. Where are we?

We zijn op het strand, bij de zee.

   We are at the beach, near the sea.

Daar is het strand. Daar is de zee.

   There is the beach. There is the sea.

Tanja, wil je wat drinken?

   Tanja, do you want something to drink?

Nou, lekker!

   Well (yes), nice!

Eva, wat drink jij?

   Eva, what are you drinking/having?
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Ik drink een biertje

   I am having a beer

Lekker, een biertje!

  Nice, a beer!



Do you like Eva, also watch her eat raw herring.

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