Dutch men

by Tanja

Everybody who has ever lived in the Netherlands or has dated a Dutch guy seems to have an opinion about Dutch men: Dutch guys don’t flirt, they let their agendas rule their (love)lives and are so enthusiastic about feminism, a girl is likely to pay her own bill when on a date! So what do Dutch guys look for in a woman?

What’s up with Dutch guys?

Let’s look at the facts and see what the research says about Dutch guys.

1. What do Dutch guys look for in a woman?

The Dutch newspaper Volkskrant did a big investigation in 2014 to find out what Dutch men look for in a woman. The men were all highly educated and maybe that is the reason why 28% said intelligence is most important. Also in the top 3: sweetness and cheerfulness.

2. It’ s all in the eyes, say Dutchmen

When it comes to looks, most Dutchmen said they find the eyes of a woman important. Second are breasts and bottom. Attractiveness is important but Dutch men don’t care much for heavy makeup. Tip for girls in love with a Dutch guy: Dutch men like a more natural style.

3. Dutch guys like women in high heels

Natural maybe, but high heels are still considered attractive. According to research done by Harris Interactive, shoes are important to Dutch men. 63% said they also take good care of their own shoes.

4. Who do Dutch men find attractive?

To get an idea of the ideal woman for Dutch men, here is a photo of Dutch celebrity Chantal Janzen.

The tv-presenter, actrice and musical star was chosen most sexy Dutch girl a few times by Dutch men.

5. Dutch men wear old underwear

Nice shoes might be important to Dutch guys, the quality of their underwear certainly is not. Don’t be surprised if the Dutch guy you are dating is wearing worn-out underwear!

The Dutch shop Zeeman found out that 1 in 3 of the Dutch men continue to wear the underwear even when it is worn out. At least, that is what their partners say. 37% of Dutch women say their men walk around in old underwear.

Dutch guy and girl on a bicycle
Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

6. The Dutch have sex before marriage

Sex before marriage is not a problem for Dutch men and Dutch women. Most Dutch people also think there is nothing strange about gay people. The use of birth control is high in The Netherlands. Most girls use the pill. This research comes from Rutgers, the Dutch centre of expertise on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

7. Are Dutch guys vain?

In research done by Discovery Channel in 2010, it seemed Dutch guys use a lot of beauty products. But are Dutch guys vain? Compared to men in other countries, Dutch men actually take very little time looking in the mirror. Though 84% thinks it’s important to look good, the average Dutch guy spends only 3 minutes looking in the mirror every day.

8. Dutch man wants you to think he is honest and not rich

Dutch guys find it important that women think they are honest (36%) and loyal (35%), according to the Volkskrant research. Only 1% of Dutch men says he finds it important that women think he is wealthy! A Dutch men does not care for bragging!

9. Are Dutch men attractive?

Dutch men are not considered the most attractive in the world. A survey among holidaymakers showed you’d be more likely to meet good looking men in Italy. The Italians were especially popular among British, Spanish and Portuguese women. Dutch men are most popular among people from Norway.

10. Dutch men are tallest

But if you like tall, sporty men, go for the Dutch. Officially, Dutch men are the tallest people in the world. On average Dutch men are taller than 183 cm. Find a map below coloring the tallest (blue) and shortest (red) people in the world.

Adult height for the 1896 and 1996 birth cohorts for men.

11. Dutch men don’t marry

Don’t expect your Dutch man to propose marriage any time soon. Especially young people prefer to live together. The Dutch are on average 37 years old before they get married. But nowadays many Dutch people never get married. In 1997 60% of 35-year old men were married. In 2017 only 36% were married. Many Dutch choose a different kind of marriage: civil partnership.

12. Dutch guys don’t flirt

In a study of on-line flirting by social network site Badoo.com, Athens in Greece was named the world’s flirtatious city. Badoo ranked cities by the number of on-line chats or flirtations that were initiated per month by the average Badoo user in a particular city.

Unfortunately, Dutch men don’t flirt. Chat users from Amsterdam initiated an average of 18.4 conversations per month. It’s still better than Buenos Aires (16,3), Rio de Janeiro (12.4) and Germany (17.7). In Athens, Moscow and Kuwait City Badoo users initiate over 25 chats each.

13. What Dutch men are like in bed

Dutch guys might not be easy to get into the sack, or so they say. But once they are there, it’s worth it, if you believe a survey by Men’s Health. According to findings from the magazine, Dutch men take the longest time for foreplay to climax. They have an average time of 22 minutes. Only Mexicans take longer.

14. If size matters…

Dutch men have large p*nises. The average p*nis size in Holland is 15.87 cm. Number 1? Men from Congo. Theirs measure a whooping 17.93 cm. On target map there is hugely interesting map available.

15. Satisfaction in numbers

On the website of condom maker Durex you can see worldwide levels of frequency of sex and the levels of satisfaction. 68% of Dutch respondents said they were having sex on a weekly basis. 50% said they were satisfied. Compared to other countries, people with Dutch partners are well off. People in Greece and Mexico seemed rather happy with their sex lives as well.

Do you think Dutch guys don’t flirt? Let me know in the comments.

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Tamara November 28, 2011 - 04:19

Hi i live in cancun Mexico, and I met the most amazing guy I’ve ever been with… Dutch, he was super sexy, so caring and romantic, and tender, he never ever let me pay for anything, that is why is very hard for me to believe what I just read… plus he didn’t have a big p*nis but he was fantastic in bed. <3
I'm used to having sex with mexicans, and the few foreigners that I've been with where never good, until I met my Dutch guy… God I miss him so much. If I could I would move to holland. please don't make them look that bad. I've never met such an amazing guy that good looking and such an amazing lover!!!

Sarah June 11, 2012 - 17:25

Sarah on 11th June,2012 at 6.18pm

Hello, I’m bengali n I live in London. I have had mostly positive experiences with Dutch men, and a few bad 1s. The person who wrote the stuff about Dutch men, should NOT generalise! Not every1 has the same personality in all countries. From my experiences with the Dutch men that I’ve met over the last few years, I believe that they are really gud lovers ^^ The things mentioned in sum of the text the opposite to what I saw about them. Again, this means don’t generalise! I have sum Ducth friends, n they listen to me for what I have to say, respect me n I am comfortable to talk to them about anything. They’re so nice. There r gud n bad ppl in all countries, so u shud NOT generalise.

Tasha June 14, 2012 - 18:23

Well i knew a dutch guy. just like tamara said he was so loving, caring and over all the best guy you could meet. we started out friends. i met him online. We talked for over a year everyday and web cammed cause i just wanted to see his gorgeous face. he was very very attractive. I love dutch boys. But needless to say i really started falling for him and he told me he loved me. He was planning to come all the way from the netherlands to the u.s to meet me. Sounds like a fairytale huh? But they was a little problem in my story.I had a boyfriend of 3 years that i was having alot of trouble with. I loved my boyfriend but i wad falling for my dutch best friend. Thom(my dutch friend)sat on the phone with me for 7 hours crying when i told him we had to break things off cause it wasnt right cause i had a boyfriend. I havent talked to him since. its been about 3 months since then. I really do miss him.

This dutch guy will make a lucky lady happy one day. Sometimes i wish it was me.Even though he said he will always love me and no one else i want him happy.

Rachel September 2, 2017 - 04:13

Yes, my love life is almost the same. A few years ago I met a Dutch guy online. We always talk and are still talking to this day! Being a Canadian myself it’s hard with the time difference. It being 6 hours that is. Although, like you, he is planning on visiting me when he’s 18. We started out as friends just the two of us but quickly grew deep feelings for eachother and told one another. (Yes he likes me back haha). Martijn Is his name. Martijn is fantastic he loves me for me. He’s unlike all Dutch physically. He is the same height as me which is actually very small, and he has one of the highiest pitched voices in his class. He’s very successful and I hope to see him in a few years. He’s raising the money himself, scared to tell his friends about me due to the fact that I am a foreigner. He isn’t the most gorgeous man on the planet, but he suits to my liking which is good enough for me seeing I’m not the prettiest either. His personality is very Dutch. He loves video games and soccer. He isn’t extremely flirtatious but can be at times. The guy I’m talking to certainly is a jokester. Otherwise he’s a normal teen aged boy. When in bed… umm I’m still young so yeah not happening, so I can’t answer that question.. and honestly I really don’t want to hah. So yeah, over all from my experience the Dutch are very kind and thoughtful and I can’t wait to learn more about the country and culture.

DisappointedinDutchies July 31, 2012 - 19:02

I live in Amsterdam. When Dutch men are good looking, they’re REALLY good looking. I mean, it’s like walking into an Abercrombie and Fitch or Polo model shoot. There are several Mark Vanderloo’s walking around Amsterdam.

BUT. But but but, it’s a bloody nightmare to hook up with one. Flirting is practically non-existent and you can really only ever not be surprised if it happens when the Adonises are drunk. And the sex can be good for the 5 minutes you’re actually having it. The before/after experience is fit for a prostitute.

Then there’s the nose-picking and other gross habits that come from their lack of manners, though, ironically, they are polite in other ways. But don’t expect them to open the door for you or do anything that makes you feel like a lady. Dutch women are often referred to as “horrible” by many Dutch men and it’s obvious why. Dutch women have taken the manhood out of their men – and now they go after Arabic immigrants to get their fix. Oh, the irony!

Bronagh November 26, 2012 - 20:01

I Agree!!! I dated a Dutch guy for a while and he was super gentle with me. He was thoughtful, considerate, listened etc…and for that I respect him 100% and also thought highly of Dutch people based on this. I admit he was vain, he knew it to. I dont think I had a problem with it really. It was just very strange because im not used to that with Irish boy…they can hardly dress themselves.

I’ve also just been to Amsterdam for the weekend…and I agree…Dutch men do not flirt!! It was the most unflattering nights out Ive had in a long time. I saw men looking at me but it was impossible to tell what they were thinking. It was very intimidating. AND yes- they are very good looking, which didn’t help matters. I didn’t know if they were looking at me because I looked bad or not up to their standard or bacause they were “interested”..but I did not apporoach any because basically I didn’t have the confidence. Theyre was no signs, no flirting, no approaching me and asking would I like a drink, NOTHING. Even when I just chatted to one guy it felt like he was concentrating on looking cool rather than relaxing and having a bit of fun. It was bizarre and I din’t really like it to be honest.

I would say they definitley look after themselves and have style. I don’t have a problem with this but I did find them bland/ boring/ no fun. It was very dissapointing and frustrating.

I was quite disspointed. I’m in no hurry to visit agai, not the most friendly or welcoming people. This is how I felt at the time, but having read your blog, its good to know it wasn’t just me!!

DisappointedinDutchies July 31, 2012 - 19:03

Btw, “sexy” cannot be applied to Dutch men but especially not to the women. They are some of the least graceful moving things in existence.

Rene February 5, 2013 - 22:52

You were either rejected by someone Dutch or have a issue with Dutch people, they are not the most sexy but are at least in the top ten, come on any Europe country has the sexiest people.

CheeseHead April 15, 2013 - 12:07

The Netherlands does have sexy people, they’re called foreigners and people of mixed race. Beautiful and sexy are two different things and Dutch people are easily the first but rarely the latter, especially the butch women.

Karina May 13, 2013 - 09:40

Really? And what “foreigners” are you referring to? The rude, aggressive shady men from north Africa and the Middle East that Amsterdam is so full of… who often automatically think Western, white women are whores, and treat them as such? There are many sexy native Dutch people. Clear your brainwashed “multi-culti” mindset, and you just might find them. They are more than just pretty faces.

Daphne June 16, 2013 - 23:21

I agree!!!

Daphne June 16, 2013 - 23:39

This is not so nice that you write,women are very beautiful.

Tanja October 1, 2012 - 19:06

Only time will tell!

Niki March 25, 2013 - 22:51

My experience with Dutch men has been very good thus far. They are open and decent communicators. Sure they have their issues with settling down, but which man doesn’t. In fact, the ones who do (like the partners of my non-native Dutch friends) are loving husbands, who are still cool and sexy, and give their partners the freedom they want/ need. And Dutch guys are very much about pleasing a woman in bed. I have lived in different parts of the world, and now live in Amsterdam, and I am pretty please with what I have seen… On a general scale, Dutch men are top-rated for me. 🙂

Karina May 13, 2013 - 09:04

I have travelled many times to the Netherlands over the years, and every time I am still amazed at how sexy, tall, genuine, kind and confident the Dutch men I see and meet are. And yes, they are generally well-endowed. And they dress so much better than American men, but not over-the-top douchey like many eastern and southern European men.

I hear similar complaints, though (generally from North Americans and some southern Europeans) about the “lack of flirting”, the “not treating me like a lady”, etc. These men are from one of the most female-friendly countries in the world, so they don’t have this chauvinistic mentality towards women — that you will find in SO MANY cultures! It is refreshing! There is generally no game-playing, no “dating” bs, and no unrealistic expectations. If they like you, you will know it. If they just want a one-night stand, you will know it, or if they want to get to know you better over time, they will say it. They keep it real. And what’s wrong with a woman approaching a man if she’s interested? Dutch men, unlike some other cultures, will not assume you are slutty or aggressive if you approach them. They will be pleased, especially if you are from another country.

If you want to be treated like some little ex-pat princess, “charmed” by bullsh*t and lies (just to get you in bed), then go to southern Europe or Latin America, where bullsh*t, aggressive flirtation, and sexist behaviour is the norm. And if you expect men to pay for you, then chances are you are not a lady, but a little self-entitled girl wanting to be pampered and controlled.

Tanja January 7, 2020 - 01:40

I am reading this comment in 2020 and I just had to say that I LOVE your reply. You are 100% SPOT ON with your observations. Yes, if you want douchey, slimy guys who will say anything to get you into the sack or tell you what they think you want to hear, then yes southern European, North African or Middle Eastern men are for you! Dutch guys have wit, a sense of humor and a directness & honesty that is refreshing. They don’t play the kind of mind games the other aforementioned dudes play. Are there Dutch arseholes? Of course there are! But by and large, they are not as douchey as the guys from those other cultures, who are basically taught from birth that women are objects, play-things or mother Theresa. That whole whore/madonna complex really gets played out in those cultures, much to the detriment of women everywhere and it’s super sexist. Not that they understand this or would even give it a moment’s thought. So, be glad that Dutch guys aren’t interested in playing these ‘flirtatious’ head games. It will save you a lot of headaches (and heartaches) down the road!

Laura June 15, 2013 - 03:18

I am american and just recently met a dutch man online. He lives in the states now and has a 5 yr old girl. We have instant messaged and done some video chatting. He says he misses me and cant wait to spend the rest of his life with me. Of course he asked how I felt about a daughter. I love children so that didnt matter to me. He stated his wife passed away a few years ago. I find it a bit strange that he says stuff like “husband and wife are looking at each other on video chat”. He really wants to marry me and has already told his daughter about me. he said she is very excited. She was 1 when her mom passed. He is 200% different from all I read about on dutch men. I told him he doesnt seem real and that he is really kind with a good heart. Now I am a very cautious women who is very guarded so I dont know what to think about the dutch and their feelings.

Daphne June 16, 2013 - 23:19

Stay away from Dutch men

Juicy December 7, 2014 - 02:06

Hi Girls, I agree with the Dutch men being mostly handsome I met one that I still remember after years on .. and of course about the mostly cold and butchy women. My sister is married to one she seems happy he is nice so I think is a personal vibe ..think positive and you will attract the right one of course have an analytical mind to judge and discard promtly what ain’t good to move on 🙂 but truth be told Dutch man are mostly faithful decent and hardworking and the sex and attention issues are little things compared to what is good from them so you take the initiative and show them the right way 🙂 for good lovers yes the Dutch men are.

Daphne June 16, 2013 - 23:00

Well I worked in Holland for 6 months and my impression for Dutch men at first was that were very polite and helpful to me with my suitcases on the trains etc.
I found them to be very handsome tall and very good looking…most of them.
I got to meet one very handsome very sexy but not performing as well as the southern European men.They are very much weird in their sexual preferences and to my experience very perverted. The truth is that are very straight forward not romance not much sensitivity about women feelings.
I met another one lately on internet very handsome !!! but his addiction is sex over skype.He is asking women to dress with sexy underwear’s,panty hose and he masturbates.Actually I was amazed to see how he was acting and behave in front of the camera acting like a gorilla.The minute he was ready to explode the camera was going off without an excuse.
I think Dutch men are sexually aroused from porno and other things that are not so normal to other nationalities.Are boring men handsome with big penises but not much to offer to women emotionally or other wise.
This is my opinion.

Alex July 25, 2014 - 04:55

Wooooah man I skyped some dutch man as well! Did his username start with a T? If so I’m not surprised he’s skyping other ladies.

Rachel June 18, 2015 - 02:50

I know this is an extremely old comment, but I’ve skyped with a Dutch man too, with the username beginning with T. Slightly worried that it’s the same guy you’re on about now! Haha.

Amy August 9, 2015 - 14:48

Omg, I just knew a dutch man from internet and we skyped too, and his username starts with T too. May I know how to get in touch with you so you can show me his username? please!

Deanna May 27, 2016 - 10:53

tell me he doesn’t live in British Columbia? I am seeing a Dutch guy He is older though like 44?

Amy August 9, 2015 - 14:50

His username consists of how many words? the first letter of each word is it T_T_O?

Adriana April 27, 2014 - 19:07

Daphne was spot on! And I am from the Netherlands so I should know. There is a lack of passion and personally I prefer non Dutch men at least they know how to court a lady.

Krista June 28, 2014 - 20:01

The only hot Dutch people are the mixed race ones.

Dasy August 17, 2014 - 21:31

Spot on Katrina!! Well written and I couldn’t agree more.

Evil Queenie September 23, 2014 - 03:58

The one I met I was halt worth at 95%. I didn’t like how his sex drive was insatiable. I him at a club. Didn’t think anything would happen. Now we skype and pm reach other 2-3 times a week. I have to drag indo or of him about his girlfriend and he makes her sound unimportent and lame. Yet he gets a smile on his face about when he’s staying with me. Kinda a kooky one. However, he is sweet, very helpful, genourus, funny and isn’t afraid to see my side of things. His gf…lucky bitch!

Mo32 April 7, 2015 - 21:50

I am currently in a relationship with a dutch man and well he is so very polite and thoughtful and he is very good looking ! The opposite of vein!! He Loves God and was raised to treat woman with respect ! But here’s the kicker , he is so tight and well kind of boring .He has to discuss and plan everything we do when I am the exact opposite of him !! He will not spend money for anything and it drives me crazy !!! He dresses very nice but very casual and I would like to see him in something other than jeans and polos , he is very good in bed so the whole four play thing he has got an a plus for that !! Now we have been seeing eachother sense October and we are still getting to know one another and he is bringing me home to meet his family next month so I hope the best for this trip and relationship and I hope it works out but if not I gave it my all!!

Lisa May 7, 2015 - 16:33

I think a lot of the men are quite good looking, many are good conversationalists but though I am partnered with a Dutch guy, overall I think the manners can also be very bad. An example…just earlier today I took my dog for a walk and had a huge unleashed pitbull run down the street after my dog. The man who owned that dog hurled abuse at me for walking away. I’ve had my dog attacked before and would rather avoid something so awful again.
In Amsterdam I find that men think nothing of yelling insults at women and go from zero to fully fledged abusive swearing in seconds. If they gather that you are foreign they will use xenophobic rants quite easily.
The way that men and women interact in the Netherlands is very different from my own country. I met many Dutch people there in the past and whilst on holiday, people were charming,well mannered and decent.
There are plenty of men with a big mouth, like a song by YesYou called Amsterdam states “..think with my mouth and talk with my hands in Amsterdam”… that sums up a lot of the men. Or Parov Stelar in his song Amsterdam “where all the souls are lying”

It hasn’t made me jaded yet but if I live in Amsterdam for too long it will.

nira May 11, 2015 - 14:39

I have been to Amsterdam and I met lots of guys, maybe it how you think about, what I know is that Dutch men have a fear of rejection, if you want a Dutch guy approach

Anissha July 1, 2015 - 14:39

Hi. This Dutch guy you were referring to in your comment seems familiar because the words he told you are similar to what my Dutch guy told me too– worked in the states now back in UK, wife died of heart failure, marrying me, having a 5 (then) now 7 year old daughter who is excited to meet me. Seems unreal to me but so nice and sounded true. Though we haven’t video chatted since we met online 1 1/2 months ago. He plans to visit me in my country (Phils) soon. Thought we might be talking of the same guy. Just curious, is the name Cyril D?

Thwel August 9, 2015 - 10:42

I met a Dutch man and he is not like you wrote.
He is kind, happy and very attractive.
He used to treat me dinner cooked by him. Simple and used to wear neat and tidy and very gentle in bed also.
Even he used to sing a song for me when I said I can’t sleep.
Always try to look eyes to and and used to say what he wants.

Rachel August 15, 2015 - 16:17

Hi Amy. No this person that I had didn’t have a username consisting of those letters, sorry!

Chel August 28, 2015 - 06:12

Hi, I knew a dutch men whom I meet too in a website
Everything he said is too good to be true, can I ask if the one that you’ve been talking too has a a word man in his skype account

rachel September 7, 2015 - 02:20

Hi Chel,
I’m sorry I didn’t quite understand what you meant by your question. Were you asking if he has a word beginning with A in his username?

Julez September 17, 2015 - 01:23

I was in Holland for only 2 days, and the Dutch men flirted with me quite a bit. I guess it depends how you look. I have some Dutch heritage and often get told I look Dutch.

Carol October 12, 2015 - 13:59

Some dutch guys are attractive and it is very true that they don’t flirt( in person) , but if they find you on a chat forum you would be surprised what kind of sick and twisted minds they have. The odds of you finding a decent dutch guy that isn’t horny most of the time is probably 10% ( that is if they are not watching soccer or drinking beer)

Patrick October 13, 2015 - 21:43

I read the comments and had fun…one or two experiences good or bad dont speak for the entire male population…we r super direct…no b.s. or @sskissers to get you in the sack…we like you or we dont…unlike others we dont see the point of sucking up to please your ego…any self confident woman wouldnt be needing this. Keep it real folks

Anairda December 13, 2015 - 03:53

I love dutch guys cause r so direct.dont play just say what they think.sexy.talls and i love them.

xana January 23, 2016 - 07:26

dated a dutch guy for several months and had to split..I felt like a mother for him or something. I can’t talk for the all dutch males but i noticed that they have it in thier culture – this dependant behavior, lack of personally, lack of self confidence. On the other hand , as it already have been writted here, they are gentle, polite (never were critisized), good in bed..

Gbabe January 26, 2016 - 18:36

Not only are they great bed, but they make the best fightet pilots any military has to offer 😉

Gbabe January 26, 2016 - 18:37

FANTASTIC fighter pilots too

Yeni February 17, 2016 - 09:02

I have several Dutch friends, well i think they are very polite. One of them is a close friend of mine, he’s very polite. Yeah he opened the door for me. He pays my meal sometimes.

james February 17, 2016 - 22:09

where are your sources for these so called facts_______

RenoirGirl March 4, 2018 - 15:17

Right?!? I have plenty of Dutch guy friends and most of my friends are dating Dutch men. The things on this list, other than not really liking women in a ton of makeup, don’t sound like any of them at all.

Hyper July 24, 2016 - 07:04

Has anyone here had experience with a dutch man that talks to his ex(exes) ? Mine does sometimes, and he says it’s pretty commont in the Netherlands to keep in touch with past relationships. – This drives me crazy! – But, is it true? What are your experiences?

Alia Moha August 18, 2016 - 04:36

Not cool

Moyee Danenberg September 25, 2016 - 07:01

I’m married to a dutch man for 3 half years now… Still married… Dutch men?? Kill me already :/…. They put their own families and friends before their own wives and kids yet we are expected to sacrifice the most and still get treated like shit.

Moon October 5, 2016 - 23:09

I lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years and I dated some Dutch guys. It’s true that Dutch men find it difficult to settle down. They prefer to have fun than being committed. I noticed that it’s not only Dutch men, but also Dutch women so it has something to do with their worship of freedom. True that they are good in bed, passionate and like to explore. It seems that Dutch men are great as lovers, not much as potential husbands.

Another thing is that they, by default, think their Dutch directness is the best and expect their women to do so. However not everyone comes from the same culture. Dutch men find it difficult to understand that. I’ve heard many couples have this issues when the girls are from other countries.

One thing I don’t understand is that they do care a lot about their looks but they all have same style: hair with a bit too much hair gel + check shirt tucked (or not) into their straight leg jeans + a bit pointy shoes. They lack some charms in their looks thus losing points in the attractiveness categories. Real shame because there are many good looking guys in NL!

Taheed's mom October 26, 2016 - 19:45

I am in love with my professor who is a dutch, he has the nicest smile and he is very kind, i am half in love with him. just cannot completely be in love coz i am married myself and that’s too with a child. But i am really half in love with him.

AmericangirlinNL July 6, 2017 - 08:02

I know that every person is different, but unfortunately this article confirmed my relationship. I was married to a dutch man for a year and it was the worst sex…My ex is tall and a body builder, who is vain. He cares about how he dresses, however, what a disgusting slob he was to live with!!!

His penis was only average, a bit on the thin side, and uncircumcised. And every night after kissing for about 2 minutes, he would say he was “so horny”, and ask me to ride him, while he lay there dead as a fallen tree.

He was by far, the worst lover I ever had.
I am living in Holland now and I must say that most of the women are average looking, but tall. Some, especially the younger ones, are quite beautiful. The same goes for the men. Some are really gorgeous, while most are average, but tall. But most of the men are polite when I speak to them.
I get lots of looks and stares from men, and I can tell they are attracted, but they do not flirt.

Which is a pity…they don’t know what they are missing!!

Me October 6, 2017 - 00:21

I’m lost, please any advise?
I met a Dutch guy in London. We met through a web site, but not a date website.
He is older than me, no married no children and he told me he want to have… He is very nice but we met around 4 times in one month and nothing more than a dinner and chat happened! No any kiss nothing… and I think he is being very slow…. the thing is he is traveling tomorrow for one month and I will not see him until he come back. I think I will miss him but he doesn’t know this. He is a little bit cold and I’m a hot Latin girl’
What should I do?

Me October 8, 2017 - 17:17

Well, I told him in a text before he took his plane that I will miss him! But he is still texting me like nothing happen… he is extremely polite and kind…
not sure if I can be so wild with him if he is an ice cube 🙁

Sophie January 2, 2018 - 14:13

listen to your gut feeling … what has happened since ? Why is he so non tactile…
Protect your Spirit and your heart too as you sound very interested..warm and ready to really date him..
honest communication may work…be cautious ,,be true to yourself… fist time i responded here..Gut feeling is always wise

Sophie January 2, 2018 - 14:14

first time,,type error !!

Lizzy May 9, 2018 - 11:47

“and are so enthusiastic about feminism, a girl is likely to pay her own bill when on a date with a Dutch guy”

And Dutch women expect this from them, as they value their autonomy and independence above being spoilt and pampered. You should give it a try.

Iris December 1, 2018 - 16:11

I live in Amsterdam and it sucks because I’m from South America. Most Dutch guys are bald and look freaking 40 when they are 30. I am 30 as well, and I only find younger people attractive so I’m stuck with dating immature 20 somethings. Is like something happens to their damn nose, ears, and forehead when they reach 30 and it seems that becoming less attractive is the only thing that makes them reach maturity and want to settle down. Apart from that, yeah ugly ones are great for a husband. Good looking ones are freaking shallow especially in Amsterdam. Also here career matter a lot so if you got a good career or Ph.D. you will get better-looking ones but if you didn’t study, sorry but you belong to date the ones in your same “class”. That’s the Dutch mentality, rational and cold. They do dress good, but again they lack personality. Most Dutch people look, dress and act so similar, is like after a couple of years here I don’t even like Dutch people that much anymore. It is like dating the same person over and over again.

Ellie January 6, 2019 - 18:27

I thought most Dutch guys looked like Rutger Hauer, but I’m wrong, most don’t. I’m in love with Hauer he’s so hot in his young days. A lot of Dutch dudes of today are dark haired and look Italian! Good looking but not my type and obsessed with sex. I like intelligent and classy guys who think with their brain not their peens.

Ann January 23, 2019 - 04:32

I’ve been dating a Dutch guy for 4 months and this article really describes our relationship. He’s tall, very smart, thoughtful, very handsome, amazing and exciting in bed (large penis and likes to try new things), great libido, loves to travel, but he is extremely cheap (even though he makes at least twice what I make), a little boring and very stubborn. He likes what he likes and that’s the end all and be all, he won’t budge. Anyone who disagrees is simply wrong. He is emotionally stunted as well. I love the fact that he’s direct and honest because I am the same, but I am also expressive and he is a robot. I try to get him to describe things to me, asking him how things make him feel, etc. and he is incapable of expressing any emotion. I really do have strong feelings for him, but I think I need someone who is a little warmer and expressive, and someone who picks up the tab every now and then. I swear, I’m going broke dating this guy!

Quinn Tine February 10, 2019 - 12:51

I have a Dutch boyfriend right now but we are in a Long distance relationship.I am from the Philippines and he is from Netherlands.We met on a gamesite and I quickly fell inlove with him.I don’t know why I do belive and faithful in him even if we haven’t had a videocall ever.We’re just sending photos of each other on hangouts and being in a relationship on Facebook.i don’t know what will going through between us.

Steph April 23, 2019 - 23:31

in my experience of getting to know a dutch man over social media.. firstly idk where there f his gf is.. but he does flirt, probably the biggest flirt I’ve seen on social media.. idk if tis cause he tries to be encouragement to women. It doesn’t come off as creepy or gross. But it all started out innocent with us. talking about our cats, design stuff, fitness etc.. mean while complimenting each other. The it became a game of teasing… well 1 thing lead to another :S I dont think i dont think he wanted it to go that far.. now every monring I get a video of him pulling his blanket down over his 8 pack 😛 saying good morning.. hehehe i mean his a cross the world what harm. But they do like their long foreplay, and they are well big,… Most of this is true. but I do think they flirt. I mean maybe its mostly over friendly with no intentions. He has to know his got girls eating out of his palm :S

Not only was he a flirt.. but I love reading his captions for his pictures. he is funny and weirdly silly. Something i didn’t expect from such a good looking guy and the love he has for his cat hehe lol

But I wouldnt for a sec think of him has bf material.. I didnt know at first he had a gf, and it seems like his been hiding it since we got sexual.. because he was mentioning her in his stories right before, now 4 weeks later not once. He has not mentioned it at all to me. I feel bad to a degree. But I think she knows what he does. Like I said I dont see him as bf or husband material. However I do wonder if I am different from other girls. As looking back he has never hid her like he has been with me. Kind of sad because I read captions on his past photos with her and he seemed to be crazy in love with her. But he has always been leaving comments on other girls photos like cutie, wwow 😀 faces etc now again idk if those were comments again were just to be encouraging because i’ve seen him do it to strangers, including not so fit looking women. I think he belongs to some fitgirl thing idk.

Long story short.. They aren’t faithful, huge flirts, and yes funny!! Funnier than any guys I know here in Canada, doesn’t come across vain, but does take good care of himself. I don’t know about the splitting the bill. Huge penises and high sex drive at least with me.. 1st 8 days we did it over video 7 x :S and has been every other day kind of thing since. idk where his gf is. So idk if shes even in the picture anymore. Ive had a shity year the last year, so I’m taking whatever I want i don’t care lol I’ve always had the high morals goody good girl. But I am at the point of wanting to jump on a plane hehe