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by Tanja
Amsterdam fast food

Dutch fast-food chain Febo sells fast food in a unique way: it keeps its products warm in small compartments of a vending machine. All you do is put coins into the automat and open the door to your tasty snack. No waiting in line, no waiting until your order is ready, Febo is the true fast food.

Fast food Amsterdam cost

Febo is cheap. Fast food in Amsterdam from Febo cost between €1,20 and €3,00.

Amsterdam fast food restaurant

Amsterdam fast food restaurant Febo is open till very late. At the Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein and Red Light District, Febo is open till 3 a.m. on weeknights and 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Febo is particularly popular among a (drunk) Dutch crowd at these late-night hours.

Febo’s Kroket

Febo’s most famous product is ‘kroket’ (‘croquette’) a small deep-fried roll filled with a ‘ragout’. The ragout is made by adding stock to a roux, added with spices, vegetables and/or meat and a coat of breadcrumbs, covered with egg white. There are many different types: beef croquette, veal, sateh croquettes and Vitaaltje (vegetarian).

Febo prepares all its products fresh every day. They are hand-packed and then transported to the shops. Febo is one of the only fast food shops in The Netherlands that doesn’t use frozen food. Febo has won various prizes for ‘best kroket’.

Other famous Febo products are Bami, a roll filled with spicy Chinese noodles, vegetables and chicken, Frikadel, a long roll made of minced beef and pork and Cheese souffle, a pastry crust filled with hot tasty cheese, many types of burgers and of course the Febo french fries.

Febo has been preparing and selling their products since 1941! The idea of using an automat to sell the products is not a Dutch invention. It came from the US. Holland welcomed these machines for at the time a shopping law stated it was not allowed to give personal service after 6 pm.

Another Dutch fast food classic: ‘fricadel’.

Johan de Borst from Amsterdam started Febo while he was working as an assistant in a bakery. The name Febo is derived from Ferdinand Bol, the name of the street where Johan de Borst wanted to start the first shop. He was set on a hygienic working space and oversaw the kitchen up to a very late age in his life. Even now, his grandchildren are on the board of directors.

Febo doesn’t have a large market share in the fast food sector in Holland, but there are still very successful, also because they spend little in personal and restaurant space.

There are 22 Febo fast food shops in Amsterdam and 60 totaling in The Netherlands.

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