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by Tanja
Courtyard of Amsterdam Museum

Right behind busy Amsterdam shopping street of Kalverstraat lies an tranquil courtyard and the museum that tells the history of Amsterdam.  From Amsterdam’s birth as a farmers and fishermen’s settlement along the banks of the river Amstel and the inner sea, to a fast growing European port, trading goods for Europe, to the rise of Amsterdam during the Golden Age until the international metropole that Amsterdam is today, the Amsterdam History Museum tells you all about it.  The Amsterdam Museum is a must visit for anyone interested in Amsterdam history.

Amsterdam museum history

Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam History Museum

The Amsterdam History Museum is set up as a walk through history. Each room represents a different period in time.

Paintings, sculptures, porcelains and other artefacts tell the history of Amsterdam of each period. Scenes from daily life and important events that changed Amsterdam.

Visitors of the Amsterdam history museum will understand the heart of Amsterdam culture: commerce and religious freedom, the events of the Second World War, gay and women rights, the history of coffee shops and the tolerance of prostitution.

Old maps of Amsterdam

Maps show how the city grew. The oldest map from 1538 shows how Amsterdam started: in the old part, now better known as the Red Light District. The expansion of the city is made clear: the digging of the three canals during the Dutch Golden Age (17th century) and the planned creation of the ‘garden city’ suburbs in the 1950s.

Painting of Amsterdam orphanage

Detail of painting of Amsterdam orphanage

Amsterdam Museum Orphanage

The Museum is located in the former building of the Burgerweeshuis, an orphanage that raised children from 1580 to 1960. Children and their parents can explore this old function of the building in the children special The Little Orphanage.

Children visiting the museum can ‘play’ orphanage: playing hide and seek, learning to write, milking cows, eating with four from one plate. From 4 years old.

Try out the game of the Amsterdam Museum (Dutch).

Heroine on display at Amsterdam Museum

Heroin on display at Amsterdam Museum, explaining the rough years of the 1980s, when thousands of young people were addicted to heroin. To tackle the problem, Amsterdam authorities focussed on persecuting hard drugs dealers while tolerating cannabis, resulting in the first coffee shops of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Museum Tickets

The Amsterdam Museum is open every from 10 to 17.00, except New Years Day, Queensday (April 30) and Christmas.

Tickets for the Amsterdam Museum are €10 for adults, €5 for youngsters (5 to 18 years old) and free for children under 5.

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John Keogh September 22, 2012 - 09:58

Heroine on display at Amsterdam Museum. Wrong spelling of the drug heroin. A heroine is a female hero. Regards, JK.

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Thanks! Will change. (In Dutch we write ‘heroine’)