The Amsterdam History Museum

by Tanja
Amsterdam Museum History

Behind the busy Amsterdam shopping street Kalverstraat lies a tranquil courtyard and the museum. The Amsterdam Museum tells the history of Amsterdam: from a simple village, the rise of Amsterdam in the Golden Age to the international metropole that Amsterdam is today. For children, the Little Orphanage is an exciting way to learn about life in the old days.

The Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam History Museum explores various features of Amsterdam. In World- City it takes a look at the relation between Amsterdam and the rest of the world. How did Amsterdam become so powerful in the 17th century? Paintings, sculptures, porcelains and other artifacts tell the history of Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam DNA Tour is an audio tour that gives the visitor further insight into the way history has shaped the culture of Amsterdam: commerce and religious tolerance, the dramatic events of the Second World War, the importance of gay and women rights, the history of coffee shops and the tolerance of prostitution.

The Amsterdam Museum also has regular temporary exhibitions.

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The Little Orphanage

The Amsterdam History Museum is located in the former building of the Burgerweeshuis. This was an orphanage from 1580 to 1960. A special section of the museum is a reconstruction of an Amsterdam orphanage: a mysterious and fun place that is perfect for children to explore.

Children visiting the museum can ‘play’ orphanage: playing hide and seek, learning to write, milking cows, eating with four from one plate. From 4 years old.

The little orphanage amsterdam museum
The Little Orphanage at the Amsterdam Museum of History.

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