NDSM Amsterdam is a stunning hangout in Amsterdam Noord. City nomads, craftsmen and artists converted the former NDSM ship wharf into a breeding ground for creative talent. Restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs with stunning views over the Amsterdam IJ-lake make NSDM the best place in Amsterdam to eat, chill, explore, enjoy music, drinks, and art and to dance the night away. In summer the area of NDSM is used for many festivals.

How to get to NDSM

NDSM lies in Amsterdam Noord, across the IJ water. It can be reached easily by free ferry. The ferry leaves from behind Central Station and takes you to the former ship wharf within 15 minutes.

The ferry to NDSM departs from behind Central Station and is a worth trip, especially at sunset.

Café and restaurant IJ-Kantine

One of the first buildings you see when the ferry docks at NDSM, is IJ-Kantine. Back in the day when huge cargo and warships were built at NDSM, workers came here, at the ‘canteen’, to have their lunch.

The high ceiling, industrial interior design and breathtaking views over the IJ-water are reminders of those working days. Nowadays IJ-Kantine is a large restaurant and café, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Special is the 18-meter long bar.

If you prefer a quiet place, go upstairs. At the entresol, you can see the entire restaurant while you enjoy the comfy fireplace.

IJ-Kantine, NDSM
The sunny terrace of IJ-Kantine sits right by the waterfront.

Festivals and Exhibitions at NDSM

The spacious NDSM shipyard is a breeding space for creative talent. Inside the warehouse are many shipping containers that house the workspaces of over eighty ambitious artists and craftsmen and -women.

Throughout the year, there are many special events at NDSM. Check the list of Music Festivals in Amsterdam. There are also regular art exhibitions at NDSM. Find many events at the Amsterdam Event Calendar.

IJ-Hallen Flea Market

Every two weeks there is a large flea market at Amsterdam, the IJ Hallen. In summer the flea market is outside, in winter it’s inside. The focus of the sales is on used household and clothes, but it’s also great for design.


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Sexyland started as an art project but is now one of Amsterdam’s most original places to enjoy something totally out of the ordinary. Every day of the year someone else ‘owns’ the Sexyland The club nights vary from a poetry night, dancing shows to book or cd release.


Fish Shop Cisca Jonk

For a quick and tasty bite, check out the fish truck of Cisca Jonk in front of Sexland. Pretty good herring! Open Wednesday through Saturday, from 09:00 to 17:00 hours.

Fish stand at NDSM
Fish Stand at NDSM

Restaurant Brooklyn

Restaurant Brooklyn is located in the monumental building of the forgery, the Smederij. At the very spot where workers stood decades ago forging pieces of iron and copper, dishes are now prepared on a daily basis. The restaurant comes with an open kitchen concept, spacious seating and outdoor terrace.

Hangout Pllek

Like most bars and restaurants, Pllek is located along the waterfront of IJ. It is a large restaurant and café with a great outside terrace. It has amazing views over the IJ-water. In summer, you can dive into the water and the whole area is full-fledged city beach.

Pllek (plek means spot or ‘place’ in Dutch) really fits in the old shipyard. The place is made out of old ship containers combined with lots of glass, so even in winter months, you feel like you’ve been outside. Around lunch hours, even office people come over. There is good wifi you can work here.

Pllek offers live music, DJs and dancing at the weekends, yoga on Sunday morning, films, workshops, festivals and much more. Food is 75% vegetarian.

Pllek at NDSM
Pllek with stunning views, a fireplace and lots of events at NDSM, Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam NDSM Crane Hotel

Amsterdam Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel opened in 2014.

The old buildings at NDSM Amsterdam have been kept in their original state and are considered officially monuments. All locations on the wharf are accessible to the public.

Even the old shipyard crane has been given a new function. ‘

Crane ’13’  was the last remaining crane at the shipyard. The industrial crane was dismantled in 2013, shipped away and converted into a luxury hotel: Faralda Crane Hotel. People who book a suite can order their preferred music. Guests are picked up by boat from Amsterdam Central Station.

Hotel in an old crane at NDSM. Enjoy the view from the top in a jacuzzi.

Café IJver

Bar and restaurant IJver is NDSM’s latest (2019) add. There are two terraces, one outside, and one inside one of the industrial halls. The decoration is warm, modern and cozy.

IJver at NDSM, Amsterdam.
Indoor terrace at IJver.

Café Noorderlicht

It’s always sunny in Café Noorderlicht. The walls are made of glass, like a greenhouse. seating is great also, with stunning views over the IJ. The lunch and dinner menu is simple but good. There is a small stage outdoor where bands perform in summer. In winter, live music is played indoors.

ndsm noorderlicht
Noorderlicht café has a stage outside for those long summer evenings.

Self-sustainable houseboat

Next to Noorderlicht is the remarkable houseboat ‘geWoonboot’. The floating house is completely self-sustainable. Installations onboard make heating and electricity and clean drinking water.

Self sustainable houseboat
Self-sustainable houseboat at Amsterdam NDSM.

The Veronica Ship at the pier

Back at the ferry, there is a pier on the northern side that houses the Botel, a cheap hotel and the Veronica ship. Veronica once started as a radio pirate ship, broadcasting from the North Sea, way back. The Veronica ship is the base for radio and television makers, but there is also room for music, theater, debate, art, singing and dance.

History of the NDSM Amsterdam ship wharf

In 1937, the NSM, forerunner of NDSM, was the largest shipbuilding company in the world. The NSM built tank ships as well as huge passenger ships.

Later the NSM merged with the Dutch shipbuilders of NDM, becoming NDSM (Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij). The massive ship wharf found its location at Amsterdam Noord, across the IJ. NDSM ship wharf built cargo ships, bulk carriers and warships for the Dutch navy.

The shortage of new orders caused the NDSM to finally stop building new ships in 1978. The company continued repairing ships until around 1984, but the glorious era of Dutch shipbuilding had come to an end.

The empty buildings left to waste at Amsterdam NDSM East Wharf. Prostitutes and junkies swamped the area. ‘City nomads’, craftsmen, artists and wannabe artists, settled in and united, naming themselves foundation Kinetisch Noord.

The city council like the idea of this new so-called ‘broedplaats’ (‘breeding spaces‘). Kinetisch Noord now receives subsidies from the Amsterdam city council. The are is still being developed to make good use of the large boathouse and outside terrain and ramps.

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Timi Onayemi June 2, 2017 - 05:09

Hi, I was among the winners of the NDSM for Artistes Competition for my ‘ The Amsterdam Chronicle’ Newspaper and Homeless Holland Gallery and Theatre Project in 2002 though I didn’t use my place as I had to return to Switzerland.

Pls put me on your mailing list for new developments at NDSM Week.

Ale, Art and Cinema - 3 reasons to Love Noord - Backpacks and Bunkbeds October 6, 2015 - 09:45

[…] course someone new did eventually move in, and now transformed today the NDSM wharf houses live music venues, skateparks, student housing, cafes, bars restaurants, …, Europe’s biggest Flea Market and perhaps most impressively (or at least in my eyes), it […]

Eva de Klerk September 2, 2015 - 18:22


Thank you for sharing this!

The NDSM was actually never squatted although the origins do ly in the squatting movement. Please check my website (www.evadeklerk.com) and the official NDSM site (www.ndsm.nl) for more information about NDSM’s background, development and members of the NDSM community.

Sorry to say that Skatepark Amsterdam was closed down by the city in 2014 due to high market and commercial benefits. More about this in “An Artist’s Kiss to Awaken A City” on my site

With love,
Initiator redevelopment NDSM

Tanja September 2, 2015 - 19:33

Thanks for the update!

Mr Office Design UK April 7, 2012 - 10:15

Inspiring re-use of space – a great place to work. More former shipyards around the world are becoming transformational workspaces.

Skoric Branislav May 4, 2015 - 16:16

As a musician and painter I see NDSM as a perfect place for living and work with my wife who is also a multimedial artist, singer, painter and designer.We are planing to come and visit NDSM this summer and I am 99% sure that we will find a work and living space in Amsterdam. We wish ,all the best for your NDSM project and hope we will see NDSM in live very soon.