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by Tanja
Amsterdam Leidseplein

What’s up with the prices in Amsterdam in 2023? Because of the corona pandemic, many bars and restaurants were suffering. Now that normal life is back, the prices in Amsterdam have risen sharply. In 2023, small beer in Amsterdam costs about € 3,00, it is now, a glass of wine is € 4,50. In Amsterdam, dinner with a bottle of wine will set you back at least € 40 per person.

In this article, you will find a list of prices of drinks, food, cigarettes, and weed, etc. in Amsterdam in 2023. Prices are average. Prices in Amsterdam depend on the location, style, and quality of the food. The more central the location, the more expensive Amsterdam can be.

Amsterdam Hotel Prices 2023

Hotels in Amsterdam are among the most expensive in Europe. July, August, and December are the busiest months in Amsterdam. On average, a hotel room in Amsterdams costs €130 in 2023.

Prices of Food & Drinks in Amsterdam 2023


  • € 3,00 – Average Heineken tap draught Beer (25 cl) 
  • € 6,50 – Pint of Beer (0,5 l.) at Irish pub o’reilly’s
  • € 11,50 – Pornstar Margarita Cocktail at Calle Ocho
  • € 6,50 – Glass of Wine at The Hoxton
  • € 4,00 – Bottled Belgian beer Duvel at Lokaal ‘t Loosje
  • € 2,50 – Coke/Sprite/mineral water
  • € 3,20 – Cappuccino at Anne&Max
  • € 2,20 – Espresso/Coffee/tea
  • € 2,00 – Small bottle of mineral water (supermarket)

Breakfast, Lunch and snacks

Restaurant Prices in Amsterdam

Restaurant Prices in Amsterdam in 2023vary from € 14,50 to € 24,- for a main course. Expect to pay about € 30 per person for a 2-course meal without drinks in a mid-range restaurant in Amsterdam.

Find Tips on how to find a Good Restaurant in Amsterdam. For budget prices in Amsterdam, read this article about cheap restaurants in Amsterdam.

  • € 85,00 6-course Chef Menu at De Silveren Spiegel
  • € 49,50 – 5-Course Menu at De School
  • € 17,25 – Chicken livers baked with onions and bacon at Haesje Claes
  • € 23,00 – Steak and french fries at Loetje
  • € 36,00 – 3-course vegetarian or vegan menu at De Waaghals
  • € 15,00 – Bottle of wine

Prices of Museums, Attractions & Tours in Amsterdam

Prices of Amsterdam museums and attractions have gone up in 2023. Check the links for tickets and exact prices. To avoid lines, always buy tickets in advance via the links below. Tickets for the Anne Frank tend to sell out quickly. Tickets to the Anne Frank House can only be bought via their own website (see link below)



Prices of Amsterdam boat trip

Prices of a basic Amsterdam canal cruise with audio guide start from around € 14,00. If you want something more special, there are many guided canal cruises that offer a cruise and drinks or food included.

Tours, Day Trips & Canal Cruises

From Amsterdam, there are many day trips and tours you can do. Recommended are windmill village Zaanse Schans, Volendam and Edam and visits to cheese markets in the area. From end March to end May, there are the Tulip gardens in bloom that can be visited at Keukenhof gardens, by organised bus from Amsterdam.

Prices of Amsterdam City Passes

For popular museums in Amsterdam, I advise you to buy tickets online to avoid long lines. Do you want to visit multiple museums and attractions in Amsterdam? Compare Amsterdam City Passes and choose one that saves time and money.

Price of Transportation in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a small city, be explored by walking or public transport. Below you will find prices of a one way ticket as well as several day tickets. Via the links you can get more info and buy tickets easily online, so you are prepared when you arrive in the city.

Nightlife in Amsterdam Prices

  • € 15,00 – Entrance Price of a Club in Amsterdam
  • € 9,00 – Mixed drink in a club
  • € 3,50 – Beer in a club
  • € 1,00 – Wardrobe (obligated)
  • € 1,00 – Toilet facilities

Tobacco and cigarettes in Amsterdam Prices 2021

  • € 8,50 – Cigarettes (Marlboro Red, 20)
  • € 14,00 – Tobacco (Samson, 50 gram):

In The Netherlands, you can buy tobacco and cigarettes at newspaper stands, supermarkets, and gasoline stations. There are also many cigarette vending machines in bars, clubs and cafés, or some cigarettes are available at the bar. The price of cigarettes in Amsterdam is the same no matter where you buy them.

How much is weed in Amsterdam?

  • € 8,00 – Gram of hash in a coffeeshop
  • € 12,00 – Gram of weed in a coffee shop in Amsterdam

Weed and hash are for sales only at coffee shops. The price of hash or weed in an Amsterdam coffee shop ranges from €4 to €35 per gram. Also see menu below. Amsterdam smart shops herbal drugs for sale.

Coffee shop menu Amsterdam.
Menu of coffee shop Boerejongens in Amsterdam. Weed prices per gram.
Azarius Smartshop

Prices Amsterdam 2023 Red Light

For prices in the Amsterdam Red Light area, you can expect to pay about € 75 for 15 minutes of oral sex and intercourse with a prostitute behind a window in the Amsterdam red light district.

Minimum cost of living per month in Amsterdam, 2023

Prices of Amsterdam rental apartments have gone down in 2012, due to corona. They might rise again.

  • € 2000,00 – Rent of a one-bedroom apartment in Amsterdam
  • € 150,00 – Electricity, gas, water plus local taxes
  • € 130,00 – Dutch Health Insurance (obligated!)
  • € 40,00 – Internet provider Mobile Phone: always online + mobile phone
  • € 60,00 – Basic WiFi, Fast Internet & Cable Television
  • € 9,04 – Official minimum income in The Netherlands (per hour, 40 hours a week)

READ MORE: How to find a flat in Amsterdam.

These are the prices in Amsterdam in 2023.

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