The coolest museum in Amsterdam: STRAAT

by Tanja
NDSM street art museum

The Amsterdam museum STRAAT is an overwhelming visual spectacle. In a spacious 8000 m2, industrial hall hang huge artworks of graffiti and street art. Their bright colors, huge size and strong messages make a visit to this museum an experience you cannot pass when in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam museum for graffiti and street art opened in 2020 at NDSM. One of the old industrial halls of this former shipyard is the perfect surroundings. Its walls measure 25 meters in height. There are over 150 artworks here, made by 130 international artists.

International street artists

These artists include Street Art Frankey from Amsterdam, Adel Renault from Belgium, Icy & Sot from Iran, Jenny Sharaf from the US and Farid Rueda from Mexico. The museum continues to invite artists to come and create works of art. You will see these artists creating art when you visit the museum.

Cool graffiti art in Amsterdam STRAAT

Graffiti art often comes with strong messages from the artists to the public. At this cool museum in Amsterdam, many of the street art takes you into crazy fantasy worlds created by the artists. But there are also many realist paintings and messages about culture, inequality, and ecology.

The museum is continuously adding artworks. Graffiti artists are invited to create a work of art while the museum is open. Outside also, street artists are working to add color and style to the NDSM area.

Buy tickets museum STRAAT online

The museum STRAAT is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10.00 to 18.00 hours. Buy tickets online.

Graffiti and street art at Amsterdam STRAAT Museum.
The NDSM shipyard halls are the ideal backdrop for the streetartworks.
The museum for street art and graffiti in Amsterdam.
Outside the graffiti museum in Amsterdam, people continue to make art.

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