Tips to Find the Right Event Space in Amsterdam

by Tanja
Amsterdam quays

Amsterdam is a vibrant city full of colour yet, punctuated with a rich history, iconic buildings and some of the best nightlife attractions in the globe. This city is home to diversity and a centre of commerce with both large enterprises and small businesses finding a conducive environment to thrive. From the museums to the bustling nightlife, this city offers endless possibilities with fresh and new perspectives often coming up so you are sure to find a neighbourhood that suits your taste.  

One of the ways businesses can thrive is by tapping into event space rental Amsterdam in the backdrop of the elaborate transport network that makes for easy movement around the city. You can use event space for rent to set up a pop up shop, host an exhibition or even launch a product in the city.

Event rentals also help you to test a new market and look into the possibility of launching a brick and mortar store in a given location. Regardless of the nature of your event, you need to know that it is your choice of space that will make the event noteworthy. With so many options at your disposal, picking the right space rental can be a huge challenge.

Here are some tips to help you find the right event space rental in Amsterdam:

Flexibility is key

Although you should have a mental picture of what it is you are looking for, you must be flexible when it comes to the actual process of finding space within a specific location and on a specified date. This is because while your ideal venue may exist, someone else could have beaten you to book it early. Instead of spending time agonizing over the disappointment of missing out space, look at the next best option. Flexibility could also mean your willingness to change the date of your booking or the location altogether.

Research, Research, Research

You may have lived in Amsterdam your entire life but have not much information about shopping districts, footfall locations or event space rentals. Even if you do, things keep on changing now and then so you need to do a little research to stay updated with the industry news. This means you start looking for a location in advance as some venues are on high demand and require you to book in advance.

By researching event spaces in Amsterdam, you will also be able to gather important details about specific venues and make informed decisions when it comes to picking your preferred event space. What may appear as a perfect venue could end up being a nightmare if you leave out some important information.

Have a budget

A common mistake most people make is beginning to look for an event venue before assigning a budget for it. Before you set out to look for event space rental Amsterdam, you need to determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on the space. This is important because it helps you to eliminate those spaces that are out of your range so that you don’t spend time looking at or even falling in love with expensive spaces when you can simply decline. When setting your event budget, be sure to take into account amenities and other fees that may arise like security or insurance based on the nature of your event. Some venues may appear cheap yet these charges have been excluded only to be added after you have signed up for the space making it expensive.

Find out about event space features and services

You must not assume that all event space rentals come with the same services and features. Find out if the venue offers furniture if you will need it for your event. Check that you can access the audio-visual equipment as part of the event rental without being charged an extra fee. If you need to have the venue decorated ask if they offer help as well as other terms relating to décor. Most importantly, look at the space as well as the floor plan just to be sure the flow of traffic, as well as layout of the ground, will meet your needs.

Make an in-person inspection of the space

Although technology has made it possible for most event space vendors to provide virtual maps of event spaces, you need to visit the space in person to be sure of what you will be signing up for. Sometimes, photos may not give you the right representation of the space. It could either be exaggerated or lacking some of the crucial details you may be interested in.Finding the right event space rental Amsterdam requires that you take into account important factors so that you are not overlooking anything. Bare in mind Covid-19 is also having some impact on council decisions in Amsterdam, which could affect your decision making.

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