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by Tanja
Amsterdam Dam Square

A good travel guide book to Amsterdam can help you find your way around and show the most interesting places in the city. But it also helps you understand the city, through a historical and cultural introduction to the city.

A good travel guide book to Amsterdam tells you not only the highlights in Amsterdam, but also the more authentic, ‘off the beaten path’ museums, bars and parks. The places ‘where the locals go’. It’s nice to have a section in a travel guide book that helps you explore other neighborhoods in Amsterdam by adding itineraries.

 The Best Amsterdam Travel Guide Books

Review: The Rough Guide to Amsterdam

The Rough Guide travel guide books are known for their sober and thorough style of telling ‘like it is’. The Rough Guide to Amsterdam tells you about all the places of interest in Amsterdam, also those a little more ‘off the beaten path’ added with lots of interesting historical and cultural details.

This travel guide book to Amsterdam does not say how wonderful or worthwhile the places of interest are. This can make it more difficult for some to make a decision of what things to see and what things to skip in Amsterdam.

The Rough Guide, however, does have a section on Amsterdam’s 15 highlights. In this list you will find the ‘Anne Frank House’, but also ‘Brown Cafés’. If you are going to see Amsterdam have a short holiday to Amsterdam, this book is maybe too detailed.


Review: Top 10 Amsterdam 2020(DK Eyewitness Travel Guide)

The OP 10 Amsterdam travel guide book is one of the best travel books for Amsterdam because it is small, it is light weight and it comes with laminated pull-out colour maps. Very easy to slip into your pocket when you hit the town.

The Top 10 lists include lists such as ‘Top 10 performing arts venues’ and ‘Things to do for free’. To break free from the tourist zones, the travel guide book to Amsterdam also has ten itineraries to explore the city on your own.


Review: The 500 Hidden Secrets of Amsterdam

If want to see more of Amsterdam than what is in the basic travel guide book, then this book might be an interesting choice. Don’t worry about missing out the highlights of Amsterdam, because all of Amsterdam most famous museums and attractions are also in the list of ‘500 hidden secrets’

The tips come from locals: born and bred in Amsterdam. This ofcourse does not mean that they know all the underground places, but it’s a good start. This travel guide book is best suited for people who are not visiting Amsterdam for the first of second time or people who are moving to Amsterdam for a few years.


Review: Frommer’s EasyGuide to Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges

There are several travel guide books about the Netherlands. But the Netherlands is not very big. It might be worthwhile to see another Dutch city, but if you are here, the Belgian cities Brussels and Bruges are a must to visit.

Frommer’s travel guide book comes with helpful maps and detailed itineraries in Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges. The guide helps you find worthwhile museums to see, restaurants to eat and tours to book. But most importantly, the guide book helps you get a grip on the history behind all those amazing monuments you will see in a short time.


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Sara January 18, 2018 - 15:58

Visiting Amsterdam? Download Amsterdam 24/7 on google play, it’s a small free app that helps in the night hours when the city is quiet, and a must have in case of emergency! We needed a doctor and we could have one coming to our hotel via the app, get it just in case!

Tony November 15, 2017 - 16:47

There’s a good Android app I use: Get Lost! – the cool guide to Amsterdam

Peter Mark July 12, 2016 - 11:14

I fine another post where you can fine three best travel guide book, download and read any time.
there are some free travel guides books.

Tim Broyles February 3, 2013 - 20:58

I`ve also found to have some pretty accurate travel guides, especially considering they`re a free. They`re downloadable in pdf, so I don`t need internet access to use them, or I can just print the section I need if I wanted to.

Tanja February 4, 2013 - 08:07

Thank you for that handy tip!