Travel to Amsterdam as a Student

by Tanja
Student in Amsterdam

College is the perfect time to travel. Whether students are studying abroad or just traveling, they can learn a lot from a city they’ve never seen before. There are a lot of choices as to where to travel for students, and it can be overwhelming. One location that you may not have considered yet is going to Amsterdam.

There’s a Lot to Learn

When many students think of Amsterdam, the first thing that comes to mind usually isn’t how rich its past is. There is a lot of history that students can learn from Amsterdam’s many museums.

Art is a favorite topic amongst these museums. The national Rijksmuseum has Vermeers as well as Rembrandts. One museum is dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh while the Stedelijk Museum showcases more modern works like those of Andy Warhol. Of course, Amsterdam visitors should also be sure not to miss the famous Anne Frank House.

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Visit the Artis Royal Zoo

As students explore different areas of the world, one thing they are introduced to is new animals. A fun way so that students can see a litany of new animals all in one day is to visit Amsterdam’s famous Artis Royal Zoo.

This zoo holds 750 animal species, but they don’t stop there. The name of the zoo is a shortened form of Natura Artis Magistra. In Latin, this means “Nature is the teacher of art and science” which is a slogan Artis takes seriously. Aside from the standard zoo fair that students are used to there is also an aquarium, an arboretum, and Holland’s mammoth planetarium.

Artis Zoo lion
Lions at Artis Zoo.

Grab a Bike and Ride Around Like a Local

For students looking to explore Amsterdam like a local and get around quickly, renting a bike is one of their best choices. Some places will rent bikes for as little as €10 and students can be extra safe by paying a little extra for insurance on the rental.

One of the first places that students should visit on their while biking around is Vondelpark. This park is over 100 years old and more than 10 million visitors flock to it every year. There are plenty of bike paths here as well an open-air theatre and plenty of sculptures to admire.

You Can Rest Easy Here

Amsterdam’s population has long been considered one of the happiest in the world for a good reason. Not only are they full of places like Vondelpark, but bikes being the primary mode of transportation is also physically healthy. The city is also somewhat clean and safe to explore.

Another draw of Amsterdam to many is how accepting they are. This city is a place of many cultures, languages, and even a strong proponent for LGBT+ rights.

It’s Easy to Get to the Rest of Europe from Here

While Amsterdam is fantastic, if you are spending an extended period in the city, you might want to explore outside of it. That is fine because it’s easy to get from Amsterdam to the rest of Europe. Brussels and Paris are only a few hours away on train and flights from Schiphol airport are easy to catch.

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