Tulip gardens in bloom

by Tanja
Keukenhof gardens in bloom

April and May are the best month to visit tulip gardens in bloom in Holland. The amazing colourful flower fields are in the dutch flower bulb region. The Tulip Gardens of Keukenhof showcase Dutch flowers. There are over 7 million flowers in 100 different varieties on display. Each year in spring, over a million people from all over the world visit the flower gardens of Keukenhof.

Keukenhof is open from 21 March until 10 May 2020.

10 Different Ways to Visit the Tulip Gardens in Bloom

Tulips in bloom, Holland

1. Bus Tour to Keukenhof with Live Guide

The Flower Bulb Region is where the Dutch farmers grow their flowers. Fields and fields of flowers stretch out before you.  Discover the beauty of thousands of blossoming flowers on board an air-conditioned coach. The bus takes you from Amsterdam on an hour drive drive through the Dutch countryside. A professional guide will tell you about the culture and history of the region of the blossoming flowers in Holland. You have 3 hours to see Keukenhof on your own.

Helicopter tour Keukenhof

2. Sightseeing by Helicopter

Eevery Saturday in April you have the lifetime opportunity to see the amazing colourful flower fields in Holland from above. A helicopter takes you above the tulips in bloom and Keukenhof. Departure is from Lisse, so you can also enjoy a spectacular view over the Dutch coast. The helicopter tour includes transport to Lisse, bike rental at Keukenhof gardens and entrance to Keukenhof.

Keukenhof flower garden

3. A Tour of Keukenhof, the Flower Fields and a Bulb Farm

This tour gives an insight of the Dutch tulips. On the way to the flower gardens Keukenhof, you will drive by beautiful flower fields full of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Before you arrive at Keukenhof, you will visit a bulb farm, where an explanation is given about the bulb industry.

Ticket Keukenhof and bus

4. Take the regular bus to Keukenhof

The tulip garden of Keukenhof is at 26 kilometers from Amsterdam near Lisse. Lisse itself is not connected by train, but you can reach Keukenhof by bus, car or bike. From Amsterdam you can take a bus or a train to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or Leiden. In spring there is a direct bus service to Keukenhof from Schiphol (bus 858) and from Leiden (bus 854). You can buy a combination of the bus ticket plus entrance ticket to Keukenhof in advance.

Keukenhof garden boat tour

5. Keukenhof and a boat tour in the Dutch countryside

On this tour, you will catch a frequent coach bus from Amsterdam. Before your visit to Keukenhof you will go on a boat tour with spectacular views of the passing scenery, including colorful bulb fields, traditional windmills and authentic villages. The 90-minute boat tour takes you to the Amsterdam Kager lakes, which include ten unique islands. The live guide commentary provides interesting pointers about the history of this reclaimed land and its inhabitants, some of whom can only reach their house by boat! After the boat tour, the bus takes you to Keukenhof, where you can visit the park at your own leisure. There are frequent bus departures for you to return to Amsterdam.

Bike around the flower fields of Holland

6. Bike around the Flower Fields

It is a beautiful experience to bike around the flower fields of Holland. You can rent a bicycle at Leiden Station and bike to Keukenhof, it’s about 15 kilometers. Haarlem also offers bike rental, from there it is 20 kilometers. Ask for maps and best routes through the fields of tulips in bloom at the rental shop. You can also rent a bike at Keukenhof and bike around from there. Many bulbfarms are open to visit. Lisse itself is a typical Dutch village and you are also close to the beach. To sum up: with the bike you can explore this yourself! It’s best to book your bike in advance.

Flowers Holland

7. See Keukenhof and the windmills of Zaanse Schans Windmills in one day

Keukenhof is a must when you visit Amsterdam in spring. And so is Zaanse Schans! Zaanse Schans is an old industrial village along the river Zaan. It dates back to a time when there was no electricity and all the products were made using the energy  of the wind:  windmills. You can see theses original Dutch windmills in action, taste Dutch cheese and chocolate and see how wooden shoes are made. You can visit Zaanse Schans and Keukenhof in one day with a private tour guide.

Tulip gardens in bloom Amsterdam

8. The Tulip Car Route (Flevoland)

The tulip gardens in bloom at Keukenhof are most famous, but the flower bulb region around Lisse is not Holland’s’ biggest flower-growing region. With nearly 5,000 acres worth of red, yellow and purple flower-bulb fields, that honour goes to Flevoland. Flevoland is only an 1h15min. drive from Amsterdam. Each year in spring, the Tulip Car Route takes you through nearly 2500 acres of tulips in bloom! The Tulip Car Route is the longest tulip route in The Netherlands. It is 100 kilometers long and sign-posted so you don’t get lost. The Tulip Route is part of the Tulip Festival. More info about the Tulip Festival at the local Dutch tourism board VVV-Noordoostpolder.

Flower Hortus

9. Rare tulips at Hortus Botanicus

The Botanical garden of Hortus Botanicus has around 4,000 types of plants, including rare tulips. These Amsterdam tulips will bloom in April. The Amsterdam Hortus is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to 1638. It is at the Amsterdam Jewish Quarter and deserves a visit if you want to see the most beautiful flowers in bloom in Amsterdam.

Tulip garden in bloom at Begijnhof.

10. Tulips in bloom in Amsterdam

In April, tulips are in bloom everywhere in Amsterdam! Tulips have been planted in over 80 locations. Participating are for example the gardens of  EYE Filmmuseum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Canal House Museum Van Loon the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. The locations will be posted on a special Tulip Festival website. The Vondelpark also has a special area designated to flowers. Apart from lovely roses, there is also a beautiful tulip garden in the Vondelpark Amsterdam.

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