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by Tanja
Tuschinski movie theatre amsterdam

Go see a movie in the most extravagant Amsterdam movie theatre of Tuschinski, located near Rembrandtplein. The theatre was built by Jewish-polish businessman Abraham Tuschinski in 1921. The design is a mix of three styles: Amsterdam School, Art Deco and Jugendstil. Mainly the lobby and Hall 1 are spectacular.

Are movies dubbed in The Netherlands?

Don’t worry about the language, movies are never dubbed in the Netherlands, neither in cinemas nor on television (except films for small children).

Movie theatre Tuschinski

Abraham Icek Tuschinski was quite an ambitious man. Born and raised in Poland, he and his wife left their country to start a new life in the United States. They never made it though.

Passing through the Netherlands, he stuck around in Rotterdam, working as a vest maker. He then successfully started a total of 4 cinemas in Rotterdam, before buying a piece of land in Amsterdam. Here he insisted on creating a luxurious movie palace. Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam was opened in 1921.

During the second world war Tuschinski lost all of his Rotterdam theatres by the bombing of Rotterdam. The Amsterdam theatre was taken over. Tuschinski was arrested in 1942 and sent to the concentration camp of Auschwitz, where he was murdered.

Old classic movies
If you prefer the old classics, go to see Tuschinski on Monday morning. After a short introduction by a film expert, a movie classic is screened. Some are Dutch classics.

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