These are the best things to do in Amsterdam in December

by Tanja
Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

Amsterdam is a magical place to be in December. Here is a list of things to do in Amsterdam in December in 2022.

Street art museum STRAAT

The Amsterdam museum STRAAT is an overwhelming visual spectacle. In a spacious 8000 m2, industrial hall hang huge artworks of graffiti and street art. Their bright colors, huge size and strong messages make a visit to this museum an experience you cannot pass when in Amsterdam.

NDSM street art museum
Amsterdam STRAAT museum

Go ice-skating at Museumplein

For many locals, it has become a yearly recurring tradition: ice skating at the ice rink at Amsterdam’s Museumplein. Every year in December and January, the pond at the large square in front of the Rijksmuseum is frozen. You can rent skates here and go for a spin yourself. Afterward, spoil yourself at the many market stalls that offer local Dutch delicacies such as ‘poffertjes’ (small pancakes) and ‘oliebollen’.

Fun times at the Museumplein.

Explore Amsterdam on a free scavenger hunt

Amsterdam Oude Stad is a neighborhood project in the old part of Amsterdam. For many Amsterdam residents, areas like Jordaan, Chinatown, and the Red Light District are synonymous with tourists and crowded streets. The project wants to show that there is more to the old part, like history, nice small shops, and restaurants.

You can explore the beauty of the old town yourself on one of their scavenger hunts. Fun for kids and adults and there are available in English. The extended tour is not free, but by paying you are supporting local entrepreneurs.

Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam
Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam old town.

Sculptures in Amsterdam’s Old Church

Exhibition Garden of Scars by Ibrahim Mahama at Amsterdam’s Oude Kerk.

The Oude Kerk, the oldest church in Amsterdam’s old center hosts the exhibition Garden of Scars by Ibrahim Mahama from Ghana. The church itself is a sight to see. From November 5 2022 till March 19, 2023, hundreds of sculptures will be displayed. Mahama has worked on this new large-scale site-specific installation for two years.

One part of the sculptures is made of casts from monuments at Fort Elmina. This is an old Dutch fort on the coast of Ghana. From here, many slaves were shipped across the Atlantic ocean. Another part of the sculptures are casts from tombstones of the Oude Kerk.

More exhibitions on the Amsterdam Exhibitions Calendar.

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